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  1. Just got back ! Saw 5, mate was shooting To slow on the first two, killed the 3rd and he thought the 4 and 5 where too far away Should have killed 4 !!!
  2. Who use's a 28 ? After using my Son's 28g i'm wondering if i'll be using the 12g much in 2015 ! I've been using 19gm 6# on a mates Clay ground and it has proved it can shoot Clays on par with a 12g ! If you get chance to use a 28g you will be surprised with how good this underused calibre is.
  3. No had a rabbit. But once shot a Fox with both ears cut to about 1 Cm
  4. Get your self a Bridge camera ! Has more features than a compact but not the costs of a DLSR
  5. Shame your so far away, i would have made an offer.
  6. I take it you mean Buccleuch lines and Not a dog direct from David Lisett. Once diluted it matters not what the lines on one side comes from, i don't know David Lisett But i do Know who Whelps his pups .
  7. Easy way to sink a dry line is put a Course fishing weight on it
  8. Good job your FLO's don't know some off you have temper and anger management issues ! A few revocations might be in the public interest
  9. Wonder what the argument will be in October when VED is no more ? All the moaning is about cycles should pay tax !! Perhaps Dog licences should come back too, Say £150 PA per dog ? help to pay for cleaning up all the Dog S*** and Fine the Owners that either don;t bag it or throw the bags of S*** in trees Min £4000, then ban them from keeping animals for life and PTS their animals Mention SGC or FAC prices going up and you all start moaning. I would bet all of you would bend over backwards to not pay Tax, like working for cash .
  10. So what is best or safe a group of cycles 4 abreast approx 50m long obstruction or two abreast at approx 160m obstruction ? Why are all the posters so angry about other peoples pass times ? I shoot,fish,cycle (in lycra) Fly RC Helicopters,Motorcycle,drive a car and a van. But could find fault with people who enjoy the same hobbies as me, but why ?
  11. I suppose they are soft mouthed when picking game ? My springer would have my boot up her arse if she went for a chicken, and would be worse if she raged anything thats what my terriers are for ! Little black hearted B******
  12. I can't believe you even have to ask !
  13. No don't get a heavy barrel !! Get the sporter barrel as a heavy barrel is a pain in the ar++, you will regret buying it. A light rife is just as accurate as a heavy rifle for sporting use and easy to carry all day or night. Bull barrels are better for range work and rapid fire up to a point untill the heat haze distorts the sight picture through the scope ! Be cautious as some of the stocks on Howa's are cr++, and POI will change if you use a bipod or pull tight on the forend.
  14. .22rf .17 fireball .243 .260 7.62 x 51 all reality not fantasy
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