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  1. This is very good advice. I myself, relatively new here, did the hard work to get permissions as a new shooter, something quite difficult, especially if you need a permission as evidence to help get an FAC, but landowners will not give permission if you don't have the firearms to do the job. It's a chicken and egg situation, but I suppose it helps keep firearms out of reach of those who aren't committed to hunting.
  2. Hello all, I'm looking for a shooting partner in the Hemel Hempstead area. You'll see from my posts, or lack of, that i'm fairly new here so bit of an unknown quantity, which I appreciate isn't ideal to prospective partners but I hope to post more once I step up my shooting. I have a few permissions: some wheat fields and a golf course. I currently shoot .17hmr, .22lr and shotgun. I got into shooting late and on my own from scratch so have been learning on the job as it were. Of late I've lapsed somewhat on the frequency of my outings, a combination of the winter weather and other co
  3. Hello, I'm a new member living in Hemel Hempstead. I have a shotgun cert and firearms cert, currently owning a 12g over under and .17hmr and .22 lr (FA shotgun also held but not owned) I have a general interest in the outdoor life (growing up on the edge of Dartmoor) which has spawned into obtaining my shotgun cert a few years ago, quickly followed by the rifles which i have used for rabbits. I've got a few permissions, including a golf course and some arable farmland. My main reason for joining to grow my knowledge base to improve my hunting and perhaps make some shooting contacts
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