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  1. luckyplum


    Yea please do mate there exactly what I,m looking for !
  2. luckyplum


    Any spare mate ?
  3. luckyplum


    Did these pups happen ?
  4. luckyplum

    Us having a mooch.

    Have you had much interest in the pups? I,v been watching from a distance lol !
  5. luckyplum

    Us having a mooch.

    any news on the pups yet ? cheers plum !
  6. luckyplum

    Beddy Cross.

    Yea my previous dog was a first cross and they suite me very well ! The pups your waiting for would do for me
  7. luckyplum

    Beddy Cross.

    My beddy/whippet is 11 this year so I,LL need a pup soon myself
  8. luckyplum

    Beddy Cross.

    These pups sound as if they should be spot on, hope all goes well !
  9. wow very deep !! and interesting, cheers plum !
  10. luckyplum

    We Visit From A Beardie Cross

    really nice to hear of dog people taking so much care and effort over future pups, hope it works out !
  11. luckyplum

    Earthdog/runningdog Mags

    i have for sale issues of earthdog/runningdog mags for sale ranging from issue no. 115 (2002) to issue no. 213 (2010) all are in good used condtion, some with corners of pages folded over etc. I would like a pound an issue and I,m in Norfolk and would prefer collection because of weight of mags, cheers plum!
  12. luckyplum

    Up T'north....

    geat pics well done, cheers plum !
  13. does anyone know of a shoot at ringland here in Norfolk, is it a big shoot and do they need any beaters etc. ? cheers plum !
  14. luckyplum

    Bedlington/whippet Pups

    great looking pup, quite jealous, cheers plum !