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  1. You should perhaps contact the IBR or Independent Bird Register. Someone may have posted their lost hawk on it. Cheers
  2. I bet they are still cheaper than a Vizsla though
  3. They sound an ideal hunting companion. Out of curiosity how much would a well bred setter cost? Cheers
  4. Thanks for sharing Andrew. What are they like when working woodland? Do they range too far out or will they keep in touch with you? I like what I have heard about setters. Derry Argue used to breed his own line a while ago and the book he wrote gives some good information about them.
  5. Hi mate Its a case of if she learns to adapt. Last year on the same bit of ground, I bolted 6 rabbits out. She caught 5 of them, sometimes more than once, but couldn't hold them. She finally nailed and held the sixth rabbit, so I fed her up and went home. A similar thing happened the next few times we went out, so I ended the season. Before the injury, she very rarely lost any quarry she got a foot to. The thing is, she is a smart hawk and uses her brains, so I thought what the hell, I would give her more chances to learn. If she carries on like this, I will be very happy.
  6. She nailed another rabbit today. Caught it immediately, but it broke free, but she set off after it again into a strong head wind and secured it. Cropped up again and a couple of days off.
  7. Well I have started flying my female imprint gos who has a damaged foot. This bird rarely if ever let anything get away previously, but unfortunately due to tendon damage she has had a difficult time holding quarry. Last year I bolted 6 rabbits out for her one day and she caught 5 of them. Sometimes she would catch them a couple of times before they would get away. She eventually held onto the last one, so was cropped up. I had her out last week and she nailed a mallard and then a few days ago she caught 2 rabbits, letting the first one get away, but thankfully she held the second one.
  8. In the UK you don't need a license. Though some birds have to be registered with an A10 certificate. For the likes of Harris' Hawks and redtail hawks no certificate is needed. You should start off by reading some good books on the subject. It will stand you in good stead and you will learn the basics. Christmas is coming up so its a good idea to get your nearest and dearest to get some as a present...LOL There are a few posts already on falconry books. Try Philip Glazier's Falconry and Hawking to begin with. All the best.
  9. You should try and get out with as many people as you can that are flying a variety of birds. You mentioned getting a Harris', which are great hawks, but you may be more suited to a different species. Are you going to hunt with the hawk, or just fly it for fun?
  10. There are a few clubs in the Yorkshire area. Try and contact them, they may be able to put you in touch with someone willing to guide you.
  11. Hi Sean Can I ask, did Andy get the parent hawks to yours from a guy, called John, up in Inverness-shire, Scotland? i went down to andys to collect my gos as he is only an hours drive from my house,i know a sister of my bird went to a person in Scotland,,and would love to know what weight his bird go's at and what his female is like cos it was around the same size as my female. And Andy breeds them himself. Sorry Sean I meant did Andy buy the breeding pair from a guy called John from Inverness-shire?
  12. Hi Sean Can I ask, did Andy get the parent hawks to yours from a guy, called John, up in Inverness-shire, Scotland?
  13. Hi mate After all the work you've put into the imprints, I would be sticking with them. That female is only going to get better and I bet she will bag a hare for you soon
  14. If you end it now Sean, I'm quite sure you would regret it. The season has still a long way to go. The weather will hopefully settle and give us those great frosty mornings that make it a pleasure to go out in. Fingers crossed.
  15. Fcukinhell mate.......that's painfully close! :-( I know iknow, I keep bloody watching it lol Bullet, I feel your pain. That was SO close mate. The bright side is she is binding to them and is holding them. I reckon if you get a close enough slip at them, she will hold it long enough til you get there. thanks, i'll just keep trying, I can only go this place every other week so she can have a rest from them, we must of put up over 15 hares in total, some got up half a field away, there were also a fair few covey of English partridge, I think the ideal situation with hares
  16. Well that's the male lost his other deck feather. I don't want the follicles to grow over and block up, so I'm considering putting his weight up to encourage the feathers to come down. The rain is non-stop here for the next few days so I have upped his weight an ounce or 2 and will consider it. Its a real shame as he has got his fitness up and has taken crows, Jackdaws, Magpie and one female pheasant recently.
  17. Fcukinhell mate.......that's painfully close! :-( I know iknow, I keep bloody watching it lol Bullet, I feel your pain. That was SO close mate. The bright side is she is binding to them and is holding them. I reckon if you get a close enough slip at them, she will hold it long enough til you get there.
  18. They are very good prices for both. Bloke I know paid £1200 for his Unfortunately mate the price of Goshawks has dropped significantly due to the amount now getting bred. There are still people who have untouched eyasses in their aviaries due to not getting bought. Good luck with the sale. I'm nearly tempted with the female.....Hmmm.
  19. thanks I hope so toowell today we walked around most ponds but nothing on them, went to a spot that holds the odd hare, and yep one gets up, birds powers up field after it, connects and has a ride on its back, a bit of a tussle and the hare breaks free(damn) still I was buzzing that she is still 100% committed on them I was told by a regular Hare hawker that a decent female Harris has more success than a Goshawk because of the difference in footing. Harris hawks tending to keep hold of their first grip & the Gos tending to try & change grip, thus letting go so many. Having seen
  20. I hope you have a safe and successful days hawking mate.
  21. I have had a few days without a catch with the little male gos lately,mainly due to flying in near gale force winds, but also the dog bumped some quarry out of range. I could see that his confidence was starting to drop. So it was good he got a catch today. First picture shows some of the crows overhead that would mob him if I wasn't there. The next shows him plucking his prize.
  22. Thanks for sharing Bullet. These days happen more often than a lot of falconers let on. Sometimes it just doesn't happen, no matter how hard we try.
  23. Here's my 2 cents worth on imprints - I've only flown one - this one for 6 years. I found that to begin with, I had to have her weight down to a certain range in order to motivate her. Once she was fit and confident her weight can go up considerably higher, depending on how you fly them. The first few years I only ever killed once, fed her up and then called it a day. She knew only too well that a catch meant getting a full crop which was a good motivation for her. I have flown her at 2lb 3 or 4, right up to 2lb 8 or 9. At the higher weights, she was more selective, but still killed re
  24. I use the tail and leg with the gos as I always used one on the tail.until my mate lost his gos for 9 days with just tranny on the tail and failed and couldn't find it.now I use one on The tail and leg incase one tranny fails. That's a wise policy Sean. Like you said, you never know when one is going to fail. Your friend did well getting his gos back after 9 days. I know that if my German gos was out for that long and catching his own game, there is no way I would get him back unless I was fortunate enough to trap him. I'm not sure about my female imprint. I like to think she woul
  25. If you used some kind of micro transmitter double cable tied through the eyelet or through a small hole punched through the corner of the anklet, then it can't interfere mate, no more than a bell would........;-)That said....some folk maintain the transmitter being that close to the floor on a kill isn't a good thing? It's one of the pro's to the backpack apparently...... I can't say I noticed a difference in signal tbh......but then unfortunately I didn't have many long track downs on pheasant kills...haha Thanks for the advice mate. That's the good thing about forums, you can share and g
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