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  1. yes,he is,he has great birds
  2. male gos in my case,dont care much for subspecies, but nearst breeder breeds buteoid/german,so it will be best solution,my questione now is,imprint or pr?
  3. My friend had a male who was great at cock bird.... but quails will be main target,female spar would be great but no one breeds them here
  4. he told me that if i want to fly quails and pheasents to go for a male.....he breeds nice sized males around 750gr.....we dont have rabbits here,i flew moorhens and pheants with my hh.....but never had any luck with quails
  5. passage falconry is illegal in Croatia,i was thinking about local breeder who flies and breeds german x buteoides,but opet to all offers
  6. Pup is now 3month old,so i hope next year she will be ready to work....quails are all year round resident and if winter is normal northen population stays here during migration...so we can fly the all winter long...and sometimes woodcoocks can be found near smaller waters surfaces Nice bird,my male harris once took drake,but they ended up in the water i i had to rescu him
  7. Dog will be a gsp,from good lines,and we plan to fly quails and phesnts
  8. Yea,i have a friend that flyies goshawks for 20+ years,still not sure will i take a pr or imprint
  9. Heey all,been flying hh for 4yrs and now i plan to go for a goshawk next year.... Read much bout weight management with goshawks,so i want to know how much is different from hh weight management.... Regards
  10. hii all,anyone hunted quails with male hh......toughts and expirience? my loves to hunt moorhens and blackbirds, thinking to try quails.... regards
  11. čica

    Fhh On Hares

    saw a few vids....heard a story of some guy near me who flown a big fhh, 1150 gr that was good on hares but he had also a 950gr female that was even better....so trying a get a hold of him
  12. čica

    Fhh On Hares

    very nice....here on every field meet phesants are main target....lot of local falconers claim that fhh will not do good on hares(dont know why)....looking forward for some snow...will make things easier...all i want is one good slip ))) anyone saw a cast of harrises hunt a hare?
  13. čica

    Fhh On Hares

    heard thet one guy had 3 hares in 4 days,would love to se one....poachery has ruined our hunting grounds now i fly anything i can.... my girl flyes on 1000gr and i hope for a goood slip soon....to bad we dont have rabbits here.so hares are only option and by far the best sport imo..
  14. čica

    Fhh On Hares

    Hii all, as the topic says female harris.on hares.want to hear your opinions and see some pics....
  15. čica


    Hello all.got a questione.i have an 11months old gwp.who loves to work.retrive search ect.but problem with him is thah he wont point.he picks up a scent starts to work it and when he comes near a phesant or a quail he flushes it. Without a point.anyone had this problem.will he figure it out or not
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