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  1. Hi Jasper, i fly an '08 3/4 german 1/4 finn tiercel. I only picked him up in November, he has a high prey drive, he wants to kill anything with feather on it. Still not sure about rabbit yet. Dave
  2. How long is a piece of string? It all depends on how desperate the seller is to get rid. But remember cheapest is not always the best. A hawk is a long term investment, they can live for 20 plus years so you would be better getting a well bred and well reared hawk, which are generally not much dearer. Average price - male 250, female 350 pounds
  3. david901

    Red tail

    Flew a small female red for a few years. A very well mannered bird. Main quarry was squirrell and rabbit, but she occasionally had duck, pheasant and moorhen. She would wait on in the right conditions. They are good birds if handled right and they take a bit to get them fit. Dave
  4. That looks a sore one mate. If she is not an aggresive hawk, the hard part is going to be working out why she did this. She must have had her own reason for this.[Not that i know anything !!] ATB Dave.
  5. I've read this book years ago, very interesting
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