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  1. A few pics of my male German Gos. Parent reared and he is now 7 or 8 years old now [i think - time flies when you're having fun] He flies around 1lb 4 to 1lb 5oz. I had him at some pheasants 2 days ago. He grabbed 2 big cock pheasants but couldn't hold them. I think they are just too much for him. He is more suited to smaller game I think.
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    For Harris' hawks I quite like Martin Hollinshead's The Complete Rabbit and Hare Hawk, as well as the one's stated above. Its a shame you don't live near to me or I would lend you some of mine [ the cheap ones obviously ]
  3. Very nice Bullet. She looks like her injury is well sorted. I do like a bit of rabbit hawking now and again
  4. I flew my male for 5 season straight caught everything that a male can catch in my area, so gave him a season off last year to get this older female going I bought in for breeding, the breeding didn't go to plan so I flew her last season, I don't feel I got her weight right, she nailed rabbits no problem every time but pheasants and hare she would pull off too soon, think I was at her top weight as she would switch off from me at times, this season ive treated her weight different, now she seems more determined to chase and follow it through more and the recall response is better, she was 6 ye
  5. That is the advantage of having two hawks. Usually I feel having 2 hawks is having 1 too many, but usually through a season I'm glad I have another to fly due to some unforeseen accident or mishap.
  6. I really hope she recovers completely mate. I have an imprint female that has lost the use of her right Hallux and she now really struggles to hold game. She lays and incubates 4 eggs every year, so I may try and either loan her out to a breeder or try and breed from her myself.
  7. just seems like they got now brains to brake, need to get her fit as she's no where near yet I feel that they actually think they can fly through the small gaps in the wire. My female actually flew through the small gap in sheep netting. I thought she had damaged herself, but she just continued on a caught the rabbit.
  8. Thanks for sharing mate. Fences are a terrible thing. I once lost a young male gos to fences whilst chasing a rabbit. The rabbit went through the fence at the bottom of a hedge, the gos hit it full force.
  9. Some wise words mate. As long as you are enjoying it and the bird is well kept, That's all that matters.
  10. This is what I found, but maybe not so much a fitness issue, rather motivation..... I failed to put enough game birds in front of my goshawk, with enough early success......although he did make some fine kills on pheasant, he ultimately became wed to rabbits & my dreams of a gamebird hawk drifted away with his interest.... It got to the stage where he would hardly bait at pheasant breaking cover..... .....that said, he would always put in a real convincing effort on partridge, despite the fact we rarely put them up & had little success..... There just seems to be something abou
  11. But that's just another bird to shift when he finally see's the light & gets a Goshawk! Haha.. but if hes not ready to get a gos yet should go with your belly says,as I was like that when I sold my top harris I was going for a red tail.then a mate foned me about a goshawk that came up and flown it for a season and had two people to watch over me with the gos,and then ordered an untouched bird. A little off topic...but maybe not.......that's the unfortunate thing about the uk raptor market as opposed to the U.S catch & release culture......Birds can be released when the owner ge
  12. Because they were all self proclaimed legends and loved dick measuring contests on there Yep and the same seems to be happening on Facebook. I'm always amazed at the amount of falconers on there who never have a poor day and go home empty handed. It must just be me that has poor days. I used to go on the IFF quite regularly, but after a while I got sick of all the nonsense, so stopped going on it. I still go on for a wee look every now and then.
  13. Your gos is unlikely to be very successful on wild partridge and pheasant unless its flown fairly regularly to keep it fit. Although you can do jump ups etc that helps to keep them going, but nowhere near as good as regular slips on gamebirds. Just another thing to consider....Lol
  14. I have never lamped with a hawk, so can't comment on it. When I flew the redtail, the best way to fly them was from the soar. Redtails seem to do this naturally as its the way they have evolved to hunt in the wild. But a Harris' Hawk will also soar and you will get some very exciting sport flying them this way. Also you have the other ways of flying them, ie following on or from the fist. The redtail, Harris' and goshawks can all take hares if that's your thing, unfortunately not all birds will take them and after a rough ride, some will quit. My friends Albidus/Finnish gos damaged all
  15. Who said anything about having an argument?? This section is pretty dull at best, so it's good to hear any debate from experienced people like yourself & I mean that genuinely........rather than the usual 'nice hawk mate' or ' my hawk caught this.....' Too true mate. I've been on the IFF too long...lol An exchange of ideas is a good and healthy thing. To me, hooding is a way of reducing stress for the bird.
  16. Hi Sean Do you know if Andy Hunter has sold that young female gos yet?
  17. Oh go on david.....enter into a debate about it.......that's what we lack on the falconry section! Sorry mate, but I can't be bothered. Life's too short to argue about such things I do what works for me and my hawks,though I can't think of a single reason not to hood [or at least learn how to do it ]. I flew a Pere x saker at crows and gulls and I always used the hood to get into a decent position and range and allowed me to pick and choose the slips and I do the same with the gos when hunting crows. It also makes equipping the bird or coping etc somewhat easier. I agree, everyon
  18. I flew a redtail for about 8 or 9 years. They are great hawks as long as you get them fit. Mine took a wide range of quarry, such as squirrel,rabbit,moorhen,duck and pheasant occasionally as well as a few pigeons and an odd crow. They were good natured and fairly straightforward to train and hunt. Mine would follow on as well as soar above. The biggest hurdle I had was when ferreting. I couldn't trust them 100% not kill them. I never tried lamping them, though I don't see it as a problem. Its interesting as when looking at the prices of them now, they are considerably dearer than the
  19. how do you work that out? ive never used a hood, I like my gos bomb proof, its each to their own, nothing to do with skill Unfortunately a lot of guys don't know how to hood a bird. It has nothing to do with making a hawk bombproof, - manning them does that, But hooding does have a lot of advantages. Whether you choose to hood or not, that is your choice. I wouldn't have a hawk if I couldn't hood it. That's just my humble opinion and I'm not entering into a debate about it.
  20. Hi Sean Its nice to see some rabbits for a change. They are few and far between over here. Its also good to see the use of a hood, not many people use them nowadays which to me is a mistake and shows a lack of skill.
  21. Hi Sean Well done. With practise, not many pheasants will get away from her when she learns to hold them by the head.
  22. Hi Bullet Does your male donate??? yes mate he does You could always breed one from your female. My own female stands, lays and incubates. I don't think it would be too hard to inseminate her. You could give it a go yourself mate.
  23. Hi Bullet Does your male donate???
  24. A good Avian vet is required to look at it. It may need to be X-rayed to check it. Forget taking it to a dog and cat vet as they generally know SFA about birds. It is possible the bird has just bruised itself, but unfortunately they have small thin bones easily damaged.. If it was mine, I would rest him up until the vet has a chance to look at him. How did he bump his wing, was he flying at the time? Good luck with him
  25. Today I pulled my Parent reared German Gos. He is a little rocket and great fun to fly. The good thing about such a small male is there is always stuff to chase. He usually flies around 1lb 5oz up to 1lb 6oz. Any higher and he tends to stay out overnight...LOL
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