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    going out with my patterdales fishing,,ferreting and shooting,ho and women.
  1. there Haix gortex lined army boots Mark.
  2. no rez just other side of the post and rail fence.
  3. Been out this evening bunny bashing with the s510 supperlite 177, and took my sons mate with me, aged 23. total only 8. but tried a silly shot that look about 75/80 yards. hit the rabbit perfect. shot it be hide the eye. and dropped stone dead two mill dots over. past it out at 77 , so at around 70 yards i would say. did not think it would give such a clean kill at that range. dont get me wrong i only normal take them at 50 yards. will try and get pics up, as he as put them up on facebook site . if i can work out how to copy them.
  4. i zero my 22 at 28 yards. when i zero i fold a piece of paper into four so you get perfect center, then draw a red felt pen over the creases. Then its just a matter of lining your cross hairs up with the cross on your paper, and adjust as necessary.
  5. i cant get photo up, was taken with my phone and cant resize it.
  6. Just been out with the s510 supper lite in 177. Had the gun about 3 month now and only just had time to try it out properly. it certainly done the business 16 rabbits for 22 shots.
  7. thats why i use a 22 for pigeons and rats, and 177 for rabbits.
  8. looking for a s510 my self, but want the supper lite hunter carbine in 177. will sell my s410 classic then or part x it.
  9. got a s410 classic in 177 that im thinking about selling.
  10. was told when i first had my bees to face the hives east to south/east, so they get the early morning sun, and go out to feed sooner.
  11. I can get quit a few swarms moxy, as i do them for someone who does pest control. But dont need them now have sold the hives and all my stuff. Thank you for the offer.
  12. Moxy. glad your doing well with your bees, how many you got now.
  13. Phil. the one i will be selling is a s410 classic in 177 in mint condition
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