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  1. This is not supposed to have saluki in her first dog I owned without saluki in the make up she is a lurcher mostly whippet grey with a bit of deerhound bull way back well that’s what I was told anyway.. she gets wormed regular and I use advocate as well never had a worm she eats more than any saluki bred dog I’ve had but looking at her shape you would think she’s a saluki x
  2. She was on just raw for a good while the guy I got her of was a butcher so it’s all they had as pups so I kept her on that diet but the last month she just shot up just looks lean so I added gain puppy and sapling to her diet and scraps left over from the tea. This the meat I use she gets one a day mix it up with different flavours so she don’t get bored of it.
  3. Nice dog how’s it bred mate? wish mine was as fat as that I like dogs with bit of weight behind them. I think she going through a growth spurt she had good knuckle last month but shot up quick hardly no knuckle now so hopefully fill out.
  4. Bitch getting a size now 8 months old she is a handful to walk on a lead but walks to heel when out in the field good recall, has plenty of speed when running about. She eats loads biscuit through the day and meat at night but she always looks lean hard to get fat on her, my boys loves her we will get her out mooching back end of the season see how she goes
  5. I’m not exspecting loads out of her my boy loves her so as long as he’s happy she will do us. Atb
  6. The pup had her second jab yesterday, me and my boy will start getting her out n about abit in the next week or so she’s flying around at home coming on well
  7. Yes a win win gotta get my foot back in the door some how lol. Cheers mate she is only for a bit of mooching local, run what we see type of thing get him out n about and of the iPad. Atb
  8. Yeah fine I’ve had a few white dogs in the past never had a deaf one.. I did have one white bitch u would have thought was deaf years ago but the f****r just didn’t like coming back lol
  9. Well u no how it is lol I got out the dogs After he arrived but he been agging for a puppy for ages so why not get a Lurcher. He gets his pup and I can get out again lol, atb
  10. Cheers lads, She’s a good little pup she’s not a in your face type don’t really jump up or bite yet. He over the moon with her
  11. Got my little boy his first Lurcher she mostly whippet greyhound with a touch of deerhound and bull way back
  12. Pups grandfather Ozzy and father bulldozer..
  13. I'd have another in a second I like his stuff hear nothing but good stuff at the minute I no of loads doing there job..
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