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    working lurchers and terriers by lamping ,ferreting and ratting also a bit of lurcher racing any thing to do with the dogs basicly

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  1. If you get the right buddy x they top dogs here my beddy grey zack
  2. A good tip!! is buy a decent racing muzzle and get him used to wearing it at home and on walks etc as most lurcher race events not all require them to be worn during racing
  3. When I was starting out chap i was always told wait 3 weeks after last limp then get her steadily back to.working and also don't overtax.dog under 14 months old and by doing so will serve you a lot longer Atb
  4. Well done lads! reminds me off me and my mates back in the day keep it up all of you
  5. A work chap brought his munsterlander out fecking thing got of his slip and disappeared for 1o mins putting every rabbit to ground
  6. 12 to 13 months chap is a safeish bet then when she's old enough get her into everything atb
  7. A mates dog snapped at him once through what we thought was cramp I think for the dog who doesn't get it very much it sends them into panic mode atb
  8. Keep an eye on him chap jealousy shown to a pup could get a lot worse when said pup is matured atb good photos
  9. Welcome back to the game chap nothing beats that buzz of chasing ,missing and catching your quarry ! get on you bud
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