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  1. shes about 171/2 to 18 tts an i would love t put a bedlington x whippit over her t up the size a touch an bit of a better coat should make nice pups atb
  2. these r more reasent pics of me dog
  3. mine only cost me £50 from ma mate he breed them for ourselfs n thats most i paid for a dog he give me my lakie at 6 mounth old
  4. i like the idia but dose sound like it may do more harm than good good luck wid the pup atb
  5. has any 1 els got any pics of this type of mix would be great t see other dogs of similar breed atb
  6. SMART dog farrel ATBtony cheers bud atb
  7. when it was younger it did since i had it ferriting its not realy yaped as its got older but i reckon it would on a long chase its not winning but on short chases cover t cover she dont yap n she ideal for me
  8. them pics were took a cupple of mounth ago try get some up to date ones soon
  9. iv got a lakeycocker x whiipit 12 mounth old 18tts had her from pup great rabbit an squrril dog like a bullit at setting off an flys frew cover coming on great ideal for ferriting got the look and build of a whiipit jus bit smaller nice cross try get pics up soon
  10. alright bud how old is the jrt x n wat hight tts its very simila t my whippitx
  11. Haha its best whilst out morning mooching u c wat ya finks a bunny n u start walking up t it thinking that its guna jump up n run off but dunt feel like a reet idiot when that happens
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