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  1. If you get the right buddy x they top dogs here my beddy grey zack
  2. A good tip!! is buy a decent racing muzzle and get him used to wearing it at home and on walks etc as most lurcher race events not all require them to be worn during racing
  3. When I was starting out chap i was always told wait 3 weeks after last limp then get her steadily back to.working and also don't overtax.dog under 14 months old and by doing so will serve you a lot longer Atb
  4. Well done lads! reminds me off me and my mates back in the day keep it up all of you
  5. A work chap brought his munsterlander out fecking thing got of his slip and disappeared for 1o mins putting every rabbit to ground
  6. 12 to 13 months chap is a safeish bet then when she's old enough get her into everything atb
  7. A mates dog snapped at him once through what we thought was cramp I think for the dog who doesn't get it very much it sends them into panic mode atb
  8. Keep an eye on him chap jealousy shown to a pup could get a lot worse when said pup is matured atb good photos
  9. Welcome back to the game chap nothing beats that buzz of chasing ,missing and catching your quarry ! get on you bud
  10. A phonecall from a mate last night , you and stu up for ferreting Tommorow mate , got some new permission on arable farm and farmers going crazy about the damage being done to his crop ! love to I replied quicker than I could think see you at 8 chap! on this occasion I left my ferrets at home as mate wanted to give ferries a run no problem I thought cocentrate on the young dog I'm bringing on anyway us 3 netted the first most likely bury to hold rabbit and went to ferrets bollocks he said left me collars at home oh well I've used them with out before theyl be ok ferrets now down 1 rabbit bolted and pursed lovely next hour ferrets still down and all quiet nothing shown and the next hour 1 ferret surfaces and 1 laid up mate said you 2 pick up nets take that ferret and go on to next good looking spot so of we went while he stayed for the layed up ferret an hour, two fields away and 12 rabbits later phone call got the little bugger , nice one mate get over here some good action going on 10 mins later he walks round corner looking a lot happier when we left him and sets his box on floor oh well got her back and with that his face went blank his lid was open a the ferrie done a runner we couldn't believe it completely gutted he said you 2 carry on ill go look for her we quickly got nets ando ferret packed up and went looking for ferrie an hour later looking and still no sign the dogs bee lined straight for our truck after a bolting rabbit and lo and behold ferris came out of hedge she was quickly caught up and he gave a sigh of relief I'm going to have a smoke he said and openend up truck door to get baccy and on his seat was 2 collars you can imagine the banter after that but excellent day thanks mate you Muppet
  11. All mine were kenneled around 4 to 6months all been house trained putting two together is good for dogs unless their prone to scrapping
  12. Was speaking to vet about this recently and he said there is another option of chemical castration for the male
  13. Lurchermad now the moons in let's get chatting!got 2 lurchers a whippet and a long dog work them as much as I can and go ferreting in season along with any ratting days that come my way love boat fishing in summer
  14. Does anybody use electrolytes for their lurchers after lamping and/or long periods of excercise and if so what do you use? shop brought or home made and how often and are the dogs using them at an advantage to a dog not being given them ? Been thinking about buying product called recharge but don't want to waste money!
  15. white hancock lurcher bitch 3 years old mad as hatter when a puppy and turned into good ferreting and lamping dog lamp no complaints with my hancock bitch but take your time and have a look at as many crosses that suit your style of hunting
  16. helllo everybody my name is matt from down in devon into working lurchers terriers and ferreting
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