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  1. I just get so confused where people are getting rabbits and game gor their dogs?? From game keepers or? The only meat suppliers near me are all ready made complete raw meals.. and other raw meat (all 100% raw but) Im still learning about all this so i apologise:D
  2. Can a lurcher be trained as a gun dog? Or are they nor suited? Whats the best way to train your dog for this? Classes? Self taught? Thankee
  3. So ive been feeding my lurcher raw meat for.some time.now as ive always known raw meat to be good nutrition and my 2 year old lurcher has always done well on it however recently i had a very mr know it all male enter my life for a short while and he criticised my choice of food. Told.me that raw meat is no good as my dog is just getting protein? :/ and he needs carbs carbs carbs....i did try and explain that the raw.meat is fine but he wasn't having any of it and clearly knew all about everything In my opinion i dont feel this guy knew anything about dog nutrition or why we feed.raw meat or anything but all the same it bugged me! He tried to get me.to buy chudleys classics or chudleys working dog. What are everyone's opinions on nutritional? What are you feeding your paws? Thankee x
  4. Hey only just seen this :) I will definitely look into asking my local butcher. We have raw meat suppliers that do carcasses so I'll look there too ! Thanks
  5. Thanks for your input it's always appreciated Yes it's minced together but he does get some 1 neck in there too but your right the carcass may be good to add too for him to chew. Are you talking about a whole chicken carcass or will any meat on bone be ok? Thank you
  6. Thanks everyone! Skycat- I feed already complete raw meals so they have bone and ofa added to it as well as the meat
  7. Wow I've been looking for this type of information for a while now and I'm glad to have found something that answers most of my questions! Where can I get the book? Thanks
  8. So my male lurcher is just over a year old now. I want to get him in to running and we are both new to this. Just some tips and advice would be much apreciated for example are there any particular exercises/training? Is there anything in particular to prepare him for racing? Also I know for the showing side I've been told that keeping them as entire males is the way forward but what about racing? So many people have told me to castrate due to the cancer risk however I'm sure it's bending the other way now? Obviously his health comes before everything! Any advice, tips, training, websites, books to get me and Loki started would be much appreciated
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