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  1. landrover defender 110 for sale, 11 months mot, tax till end aug, 4 good tyres. does have dints in both front wings n doors but this is only cosmetic. fantastic runner. brilliant dog bus will u get u anywhere u want! for details contact phil; on 07917640164 or 07760887978 or 01229830999, this has a non turbo engine fitted, i cannot upload pics for some reason, but if u r interested i can text any pics, viewing welcome. also listed on ebay here is the item number to view pics 280883468096 thank u
  2. for abit of everythink really pal but mainly bushing
  3. what terriers are you all using? i have lurchers an was just thinking of getting a terrier, just not to sure what breed to get
  4. yes i think it s her wrist, thanks for all the advice, ill leave for a few weeks and start off slow with her, thanks
  5. last week was her first proper night out lamping on her own. it started out a good night with a few good runs on bunnys, then the last run she set off turned it a few times thought it was goin to get a kill then about 6 more bunnys jumped up, an its head went one way an boby went another then a big yelp an she twisted her front lower leg so that was that home time. so i left it for a week an just walked her she seemed fine, so i thought i would go out tonight she had two runs an she came back limping... have i left her long enough... any ideas what it could be...is there anything i could give her... she is 10 month an is a saluki grey x weaton grey minshaw, tia
  6. not to sure which one pal i just no there a local breed from(cumbria) where im from an good dogs to
  7. i have a bitch she is almost 10 month old, i just wondered what age people started to work theirs day an night. ive been putting alot of time into her training an just wanting to get her out hunting full time. tia
  8. looking for a new pup

  9. lovely lookin pups them mate
  10. is there any pics of the parents mate? how much and where abouts are u
  11. thanks mate will keep that in mind
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