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  1. My mates selling his p35, got a connect scope on it, donny silencer wants £350, close to junction 27 m1
  2. Hopefully canelo fights benavidez soon, probably bivol rematch next, he loses both imo.
  3. "Aint no lurcherman tried harder than me" laughable?
  4. Very smart that jimmy, get a pic up fella.
  5. Yeh, thought so, looks like the jimmy dog.
  6. Deffo, similar to the barney, nipper story.
  7. The old buddy dog stamped his type?
  8. Brilliant jab, good defence, canelo looked lost, no rematch needed imo.
  9. Bivol never broke sweat, canelo looked like his pre motion lotion days. Shame for bivol, worse time to be Russian.
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