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  1. Jenny must have been at herself for ages, that carpet is ruined
  2. talk to you later big lad Look forward to seeing you at Birr! see you there, i'll be looking for a lend of a quad, i hurt me knee falling off a fat bird
  3. i'll be in birr looking for things and people to insult on here when i get home, i wish i had the balls to say things to peoples faces,, fukk that more fun being a keyboard ninja
  4. wet nose man is right, all your shows are shite, anyone who keeps a dog purely for cheating at flapper racing should be beaten with a spade, and on another point why is everyone at dog shows so fukking ugly, i've been going to shows for years and i'm alway the best looking there, lurcher 300, tango and irish lurcher "the so called judge " are all worse looking than their dogs, i'll admitt albertj is a good looking man, but the rest of you for the love of god at least make an effort
  5. great show, good bit of crack, that big kerry blue should have got best in show, there were some fancy tools being used in the digging comp, i think graham had a curry tray tied to a mob handle
  6. a load of greyhounds that could'nt make the grade for the track
  7. is the flapper racing for lurchers or greyhounds??????????????????
  8. wetdogsmell was my grannys name, shes stinking i heaven now
  9. Tommy she was a cracking wee bitch, see karl there were other winners also :tongue2: ,, just cause your bambi was on stillts , great day out and look forward to next year my dog lost because of politics, he got picked on cause he was black and cause i don't have a nice ass like graham
  10. it was a cracking beagle but tell you mate his t shirt was poxy
  11. i don't know who owns these dogs but i thought it was a good pic
  12. anyone who was there knows who i'm talking about, and well done to the owner of the great ass on a job wel done, she should have at least got a rossette
  13. dont hold back bud ps was some pimp mobile all sorts going on around it i went over to ask them to be quiet, and i was verbaly attacked by the small angry drunk chap (i think he was their leader) i had to buy drugs off them to calm them down, and they overcharged me
  14. it was a good show and had a great turn out, but there were some bad points, the most annoying thing was the muppets flapper racing with their 15/16ths bred greyounds pretending to be lurchers, if you want a racing dog go to a track , then there was the (so called) lurcher judge, he seemed to give first place to whoever he found most attractive, which was worrying because some bloke called graham kept winning , then there was the group of drunken dublin louts who ruined the day, i was glad to see them leave in their pimp mobile on the plus side i seen one of the nicest asses i've seen in
  15. john, a mans hunting permission is like his wife, , , i'll be all over them as soon as his back is turned, and i never back fill
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