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  1. I have a stealth. Bought It totally standard and now Is far from It! Very easy to work on and I got mine within 2 fps variation on a string when I had It regulated. Out the box they can be rough and ready but It depends what you want. The powers controlable to a certain extent by the standard adjustable top hat but won't change It that much - Think of It more of an asjustment to suit pellet types.
  2. Yup and It's going up. Had my renewal through the other day for a 1.2 and they want 750 quid. It was only 800 last year! Have you shopped around? I found a quote £150 cheaper than my renewal.
  3. Good shootng. I think squirels have to be my favourite airgun quarry. How do you find the Falcon mate? I've always liked the look of the lighthunters and wouldn't mind an FN8 or even a FN12 at a push. I've been looking at the little brocock contour closely and am torn on what to keep a look out for next.
  4. I remeber the ad for the program being played on radio 1 ages ago. That riled me right up so I don't even want to try watching him!
  5. True Dabi And that's what I was trying to get across. Saying It won't power It Obviously a 22a batt will last longer than a 7a but If you can run your lamp for a night on the smaller batts, 7, 10, whatever then I'd rather do that. Means I can run faster and carry more game Each to there own though.
  6. Wrong - It depends on the bulb that you use, not the lamp. A 100W bulb will pull 8.33 Amps an hour so of course It will work just not as long as a 22A batt...
  7. Why won't a 7.2 ah battery power a blitz?
  8. I've always found these interesting rifles and often thought about getting one. There getting rarer now and going up In cost. Still wouldn't mind one but I can't shoot all I've got now. Tempted to sell the rapid and put the cash towards one, hmmmmm..... That stock looks pritty slanted (the cheek piece). I this a problem when shooting them?
  9. Pass plus did nothing for me 3 years ago! I started out paying 1800 quid and even on my 3rd year am paying 800 quid on a 1.2 clio.
  10. Don't suppose you can remember the seller or search critera can you mate? All I can find Is one seller that wants to sell In lots of 5 and plenty of electric toy fish that resemble Nemo!

  11. Fishing from power cables, SHIT! Be a hell of a stink If something went wrong! Get some pics when your there next. Them ones for a hundred quid, they any good?

  12. Ah, the Canadian. Luck Is something I never seem to have much of but things could always be alot worse! You sound like you've got It made though mate. Hope your gonna get back online whenever you can and post up about some hunting over there?

  13. maty j


    The weight issue crops up alot with the TX. I have a TX and TBH was impressed with how light It was. I heard all the shock stories of It's weights a killer but It's really not. Suppose It depends on the shooter though. I'm no shit house but I can see how some don't like them when compared to a S200 say. Same as alot say using a stirrup pump will leave you having a mild hart attack - I find It pritty easy. To me the TX HC feels so nice In the shoulder but make sure you try It out first KX100. With you being a young lad It ma be abit much for you. What scopes on It?
  14. Really? I use the NS and It's spot on. Never had a night ruined by the wiring disintegrating either
  15. But what constitutes to a good life Roxy? A McMilf? Sounds like something Mc Donalds would serve up. I bet I'd be shitting myself when I'm about to jump but the buzz at the end should be the best you could ever get I bet. I remember going on oblivion In alton towers. I nearly never went on It and even then nearly shit my pants. Coming round the bend, pausing at the top, looking down into a deep black hole and realising how far up In the air you are. If I could of gone back at the time I would have. Get's the adrenalin going though!
  16. PS3. I have one. Free online gaming where as xbox you have to pay a yearly subscription. You may not be interested In online gaming at the moment but get on COD and It totally transforms the game. I was never interested In video games but played COD 4 online and was instantly hooked! You can surf the internet, watch videos, youtube etc on PS3 aswell which I don't think Xbox can do. My bro bought an x box after his PS3 only because all his mates were on them. He's now sold the xbox and still got the PS3.
  17. Sounds more likely, yes. You look how dogs kill. Grab by the throat, bite + shake. Alot more likey to equal a ripped open throat than a mink. JMHO of course.
  18. Would a mink really attack a cat? I've had 2 chicken pens wiped out by a mink and all the injurys were the same. 2 puncture wounds on the neck or head - Never any physical signs till you stripped the feathers. So having the throat ripped open doesn't sound like a mink to me.
  19. I understand OTC, That's what this threads about, getting individual ideas. I'm still youngish so trying to do all the crazy stuff before I get too old and sensible How did they survive a free fall from 13k feet Bert? I can only imagine what the injurys must of been like and they sound lucky to be alive!
  20. It's a risk John. If It wasn't you wouldn't get such I buzz I bet. I'll only be looking at doing a tandom jump, don't trust myself and havn't a clue what to do! sometimes you have to scare yourself So what was on your list that you've done then Stig? Strange I don't fancy anything like that OTC. Maybe when I get abit older I'll think of some less adventurous things to do.
  21. The list was going to be titled what to do before 30 but It would be abit limited to who can reply so thought I'd open It to all. What do you really want to do before you die then? Add as many thing as you like to the list. For me the only thing I really would like to do Is sky dive. I've always fancied It amd watching them on I'm a celebrity has led me to post this. Looks a right buzz
  22. I don't hold grudges aslong as the rules are obeyed
  23. That's exactly what I mean. It's not just him that will want revenge but all his mates and family so you gonna go round killing them all??
  24. Overall yes. But doesn't mean there mates won't. You goona go on a killing spree to remove there entire family and friends? Take Catcher's post. He said about the smack heads that came to a guys door with a hammer after he'd dropped one of them. Things like this can keep rolling and rolling. If your talking just one guy on the street coming at you then I don't really think you need to go killing him Once there down and un armed are they really going to do much? Ok If there a big guy compared to me I'd be giving It legs staright away But If they are down there's other ways to stop them gettin
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