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  1. got myself and a mate out on a nice pond ,shot 3 mallard and a lot more around aswel
  2. i would say your gun , carts , camo clothing , 12 shell deeks and a bouncer decoy.. atb myles
  3. heading up to clare next week with the family , just wanted to know if there's any good areas to try for mackeral at the moment ? it's shore fishing also. atb myles
  4. Been couped up the last few got me thinking about this question, i know a few lads into shooting round my way (Kildare) and not many have an interest in decoying. There's many shooters in the area as you can always here them in winter shooting game birds , so is it just my area or do many irish lads just not decoy? atb myles
  5. For the past five years now I've had Poppy , the jack russel bitch who never ceases to amaze me. We picked her up a few months before i decided to take up shooting , she was initially a family pet but from the first time i took her out it was clear this dog was a worker. She is constantly looking for work and trying to get on the scent of something and when she does nothing will stop her. She's very obidient and very clever. I like her style of work because she yaps on ground game and always looks up at me before she goes in to flush a pheasant or woodcock. She never took to eart
  6. no mate they used my pateller tendon , ligament just below the knee atb myles
  7. i was surprised to find a 5 inch incision on my knee after it , i thought it was keyhole but hey ho! i was also expecting a few weeks before i can get back out , 5 months seems a long time aha atb myles
  8. Anterior cruciate ligament mate , part of the knee Atb myles
  9. Just had my acl repaired after damaging it during rugby , got it done a week ago and its still bloody sore! Anybody have it done know how long it takes til you're back able to go out and hunt/shoot? Atb myles
  10. As the title read i'm having trouble deciding on what gun to choose , i'd like to hear some feedback from you guys on both of these guns . The guns will be used for everything from driven pheasant to pigeon decoying to duck flighting so i'm looking for the right gun for the job atb myles
  11. was missing the perch mate , will try that tomorrow and i'll throw more meat in ... will a dead pigeon do as bunnies are scarce around here?
  12. hi lads , Have had my new ladder trap out for 3 days now without a single catch ... i baited it with dead rabbit with it's guts out but nothing .. tried bread aswel.. birds showing no interest and flying right over it .. am i missing something with it? atb myles
  13. Hi lads , I have been thinking about the idea of setting up my own syndicate , small group of members , not looking for massive bags. Now i have the wood where I intend to shoot and it is well established with nice cover from hazel and several other types of trees and also large ares in the middle with long rushes. There is also a river that runs parallel to the wood and has several tributaries that flow throughout the wood. So many question is really where to start and wahat are my first steps? atb myles
  14. Lol. By the looks of it I would say it just about did the job bit graphic i know but i ran out of .22 ammo so the 12 bore is all i had , i don't mind using it , as long as the kill is clean it's all that matters in my books atb myles
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