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  1. Where I come from they were kept by mostly working class,they were not in it for money,just for the sport and the dogs.I have also been to an old Gentry house with a full shore made to a high standard.
  2. More than likely some were,it's also probably the case the people who did not suffer through the famine kept dogs as well.Im only guessing here as it's a mystery to me.
  3. I have often thought about this as Irish history has been a passion of mine,as said the monument in Dublin is bs as the dog would have been eating long before he got to the boat,there was even reports of Cannibalism,so under these circumstances Lassie would not stand a chance.In theory every dog in Ireland should have been eaten,but this does not seem to have been the case.Just to add the working class English were treated not much better better than the Irish and were often hungry while his Lordship had an abundance of game and wealth,we were all looked on as shit by the English aristocracy.T
  4. We could only eat Catholic dogs the Priest told us,so only Protestant dogs left in Ireland after the famine.When it was all over we dognapped the Prod dogs and forced them to learn the Angelus and converted them.
  5. You are quiet right the starving Irish would have eaten the dog,they ate the rats and cats,even the grass.There is a monument down the docks in Dublin of starving Irish getting the boat to leave,with them is a dog,it's bullshit the dog would be in the pot.
  6. 1\ 8 was just the right mix,then cross back to a 1\ 8 they were game little dogs.
  7. I know some take the piss out of the American boys at times(my self included in fun)but just imagine the the different game they hunt the whole year round.They have clowns in it for the money but so have we.Plenty on here myself included would love a countryside so enormous and diverse to hunt as they have.
  8. Man up FD become the BOSS of your own house,just tell your wife she buys clothes when YOU say so,done it years ago and now as a result I am tHE BOSS when she is not around.
  9. Your getting angry with me again,I only asked a question,hope the bitch goes well.Will it have American peds??
  10. Will it be priceless if the dog does not do the business??
  11. I feel so much better now,I wont be taking the Valium after all.
  12. ABC your a very angry man,you should talk to your Therapist(I heard most Americans have one) First off I did not say your dogs came from Peddlers,or that you were a stupid Yank(Yank is a derogatory word that insults Americans so I would not use it)I never bragged about sending dogs to the States,nobody would want my dogs in the States,I am not FAMOUS like the people from this side who tell ye how famous they are and how many HOFs they bred,my dogs also have no peds,,so bottom line if I was depending on selling my dogs to the States I would die of starvation.So come on dont be getting excited a
  13. I had six pups fourteen months ago,kept one gifted three to my mates,and gifted two to a guy on here(he offered to pay) that I never met before,,because he was a genuine dog man.So Mister Ace Boone,there are plenty of genuine dog men on this site.No disrespect but who the f**k would want a dog from the States,most of it came from Peddlers from over here.
  14. The secret is thats a funny question for a lad with two posts.
  15. I disagree,as I said plenty of clowns at it then,but the high tec locators make it simple,the track suit and fancy runners brigade invaded the country side with terriers and bull lurchers to prove they are macho and that there dogs are macho leaving gates open worrying live stock,never picking up a spent cartridge shell,and leave your sandwich wrappers behind.Just look at FB fellows holding up dead mangled foxes like trophy's with big stupid grins on there face as if they had killed a bear single handed.The locator has made it safer for the dog,I dont know how they made it safer for the man,a
  16. The digging game is very simple now,put the dog in locate him a, few fit men and dig him out,any clown can do it,thats why so many clowns are digging.I started digging with hairy arsed country men in 1966.We put one dog in almost anywhere sometimes it took hours just to locate him,then sometimes it took hours to get him out,sometimes days,the good ones stayed,the bad ones did not come home.We dug them with shovels,JCB,and cango as the need arose.There were plenty of outfits like us,there were also plenty of outfits who were wankers.I sometimes hear people boasting about a dog who done four or
  17. Staffs are not great for animal porn,try great danes.
  18. She might be settling so PJ.Hows the pups shaping up?
  19. It has changed because badger digging is illegal now,and should be left alone.Baker boy the reason badger diggers did not keep fox dogs if they would walk from the badger they were rated as failures.
  20. There was wankers back then as well that entered multiple dogs just like now,but plenty that done it the right way.
  21. Back in the day when we were digging badgers,if we had a dog that would only stay with fox he was considered useless ,and was giving to fox men.How times have changed.
  22. Fair play boys,I put dogs into bad places myself down the years, pre locator ,big fairy forts and such places,but I would not put a dog into rock it scares me just to look at it.Many years ago at a dog show in Roscrea the judge from Wales gave best terrier to a scrawny shite looking white dog,we had a few pints after and I asked him why,he explained rock dogs it was the first time I heard that name.Obviously that was his kind of hunting in his terrain in Wales.
  23. This lad is digging two in Finland,66 badgers last year.
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