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  1. Anybody wards blood still best I think in my opinion
  2. Never sells any he breeds runs them on and parts with odd one along way
  3. O I'm a fan of half crosses myself not seen 2nd generation ones in action but heard get more size
  4. I hate the scotch meth drinking giro scum
  5. O there serious for scrapping mad little black fuckers haha
  6. Nobody even No's you one kid does says your a Muppet and known police informant
  7. O you an expert tho us mere mortals learn from you o great Messiah and foxes are tiny any lurcher can kill them small terriers do
  8. Known bred either way and not been any bother wheatens normally good mothers as rule but depends on size of wheaten used as get some smallish ones either way should be fine
  9. O never liked them like but new breed arnt they wasn't any such dog 20/30 yrs ago but got a booth bred dog given last year hadn't seen a thing n was good dog but early grave he went had deathwish
  10. Love it all me yep pats are hit n miss but get good one there machines but don't last long unless settle down haha
  11. Yes work staffs and wheatens love strong dogs work patterdales and lurchers too
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