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  1. nighteyes

    Won't Connect

    Get her out ferreting when if u can and let her mouth afew in the purse/longnets will do her the world of good
  2. nighteyes

    Stoper Pads Vet Wrap

    Innertube from a push bike , cut it to size and slide it over the foot up and tape in place ,
  3. nighteyes

    Wrecking Crew

    for me that was the stand out dog on the vid , looked a real good bitch IMO
  4. Don't know how to do links but it was east Anglian archive Bygones ferrets ! If that's the one
  5. nighteyes

    Game Carriers?

    just get yourself some paracord mate quite easly made , couple i made myself
  6. Just let the keeper know your about , any reports for lamping etc the keepers normally first to get the call to see if it's him or to let him know , atb with it
  7. nighteyes

    Rabbiting Saluki Crosses

    Sire was a line bred saluki x
  8. nighteyes

    Romeo X Fly Pups

    pic for ya mate
  9. nighteyes

    Unusual Fitness Regimes?

    Just get mine out hunting up in the corn and rape every day till they cut then abit of bike work , seems to work for me
  10. nighteyes

    Euros 2016

    England looked knacked tonight no movement ,tired passes , just didn't look at the races at all , well done iceland
  11. nighteyes

    Euros 2016

    England are playing really well IMO , haven't seen a English side hold and dominait possession like we have been just abit more quality and composare in the final third and we could do very well here , knockout football now different game alltoghter you can't sit back 1 nil down and defend and still go through etc , games will open up now and teams will have to push and leave gaps etc
  12. nighteyes

    Cruciate Ligament

    Yeah the draw sign , but only by someone who knows what there doing
  13. nighteyes

    Romeo X Fly Pups

    ​ couple of the pup mate ​
  14. nighteyes

    Outwitting The Shooters

    Yep I wouldn't of thought they'd of looked at many foxes through a pair of scopes at night lol
  15. nighteyes

    Outwitting The Shooters

    Some fecking shooters they must of been lol , no eye shine and scope to look through as well and still couldn't tell lol