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  1. Just got some shovels on the way so should be making them again within the next week
  2. Yes mate anything you require atb..
  3. Aluminium chequer plate terrier boxes fully seam welded get ready for the new season Tel:07803700771
  4. full length when together and yes been doing some with full size round mouth heads but some prefer the smaller head atb..
  5. two piece shovel £50 delivered. treble terrier box £215 delivered tethers £20 delivered
  6. 50 delivered mate they do the job well
  7. 23 inches and 13 inches fits in rucksack atb..
  8. 13 inches £20 delivered.. If you would make 2 at 18 inches I would have them. No problem mate atb.
  9. £50 delivered to your door now using bulldog heads atb..
  10. doubles £165 trebles £210 fours £265 Delivered to your door atb..
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