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  1. Seems the lurcher game is as good as gone , terrier work looks ok for now .
  2. This is the thing the guy on spotlight doesn’t seem to care about anybody but himself everything he does is to stroke his own ego , why the police weren’t called when they were under surveillance at the graveyard is beyond me , seems to go around with impunity and as if he’s invincible, he has contributed More to the ending hunting/terrier work .unfortunately Bad publicity comes in all forms weather it’s from these stupid Facebook sites , private and public (which some are actually run by non working dog men ) , dickheads making videos and sending them round half the country or peoples carry
  3. Hunting as we know it is finished , I can’t see it ever coming back, the likes of that ginger prick with the beard and his cronies and all these Facebook famous dog men have finished it for everyone
  4. Suppose it all depends on what your judging them on? rip mr pat manning
  5. That’s a great looking pup well put together, getn thin on the ground Russell’s like that.
  6. Rip Brian nuttall certainly left his mark on black dogs
  7. Great to him win in his last race
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