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  1. Make sure you top the water right up before you weigh them in.
  2. Should be in the Funny Joke Thread
  3. Doubt if she'll be getting muffed for a while.
  4. Use these and they work well, mainly set them beside a large crow cage. Need to be careful what bait you put in them as you need to apply for a licence to use meat in them (in Scotland anyway) Find they work better with meat than eggs as bait.
  5. This is caused by the bits that are fitted on the beak to stop feather pecking when they are young.
  6. The bird was dropping hints about getting a ring, told her the only ring she will get off me is a sore one.
  7. So do you just connect the zgemma box to your sky dish then? And what sport channels can you get?
  8. Still a miserable c**t though.
  9. Thanks will have a look for them.
  10. I have 1 set at about that height and its fine but not a lot of heat off this 1 but it keeps everything dry and warm under it but not hot. check how warm the floor is after it has been on a while, depends how old they are as well. mine is a red bulb with 2 settings on it not sure what make or strength of bulb
  11. I am after a pigeon flapper and was wondering if anyone could recommend a reliable place to buy from, have been looking at the one A1 decoying do and it sounds like a good quality bit of kit (would rather buy something that will last rather than a cheap thing that wont). Has anyone dealt with A1 decoys before?
  12. Wonder what the odds of them getting relegated next season are, got to be worth sticking a tenner on it.
  13. Check this out Lukey, more of the same today hopefully.
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