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  1. you certainly keep some beautiful birds
  2. the funny bit is your user name.
  3. thanks micky i'll give them ago as i have some traps i bought from ebay and a little stream i know has them in it.
  4. jimmy's dad has halitosis brilliant
  5. are they big enough for eating micky and how do you prepare then or is a case of purge them boil them and eat.
  6. big sid

    White rat

    perhaps your a white rat breeder and have a contract with a laboratory and due to brexit or covid youve not had a delivery of rat food and hunger has forced the rats to force open their cages and escape. or perhaps you didnt lock the cages and youve allowed these mutant rodents to infiltrate our homes and factory's which will in time lead to the demise of all caucasian males under sixty five, then the white rat will change back to its original nigger brown colour and the young men of the dark skin race not the musketeer (darktanyin) will have to mate with all the paler coloured girls leading
  7. 10 hrs feck me i'd look like a biafran if i had to wait that long
  8. big sid

    White rat

    no pics it didnt happen, or your the pet shops best customer.
  9. paisley terriers became extinct or at least there are no records of them after world war 1 but they were shown in the early shows and one called huddersfield ben was the show standard and they have the sky terrier which is one of the oldest terriers in their make up(greyfriars bobby) they varied in height and weight some as light as 15lb up to 35lb some had wire coats and some had a long silky coat they all had a short snout not a brachycephalic like a bulldog. they were used around farms as small vermin dogs and when people moved to the mills for work they used them for ratting but their were
  10. i would sceam and sceam and sceam like a little girl
  11. mate i'm a football fan thats why i support the celtic, i'm just having a bit of fun at man u, normal service will resume at the weekend (thats if we dont get stuffed by raith tonight) when i will continue to offend the rangers football club international limited. it tooks three weeks to get that dog to shite on the man u bed cover it usually just pissed on it.
  12. i'm sure i put weight on just reading these posts.
  13. irish paper reporting that antibodies that llama's produce are showing significant signs of helping to fight covid
  14. well you dont need the two then so send it up
  15. big sid

    White rat

    only you would get a white one not like the rest of us that have the nigger brown variety.
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