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  1. rents his girlfriend out as a bouncy castle.
  2. he could eat an apple through a letterbox and she could whisper in her own ear
  3. dear wilf i met a girl who i have recently found out was 15teen and not 15 and a half as she claimed, i am 16 and 2month old should i be worried.
  4. BB my heart goes out to you i cant think how dreadful it must be to lose a child.
  5. tomo she is far to young to put her tendons muscles and ligaments under the strain of lifting 220lbs where she thinks it fun or not.
  6. to young for that caper will injure herself.
  7. it was looking for a wee birdie
  8. they like to suck a fisherman's friend
  9. i wonder if she actually had an orgasm or faked it.
  10. fixed that for you pal
  11. when you your as tough as me then you can answer be back until then you keep attending to mr barrymores needs,
  12. footballers do it all the time, is int it a criminal offence to spit on someone since covid struck. and dont anyone try and give me a sly dig as ive been watching self defense on u tube and i aint scared no more. okay honkies
  13. man in our street wore calipers because of it he got it as a kid.
  14. when i was a kid we were told if we needed help ask a policeman, after reading this i'd rather ask auld nick himself.
  15. he's lucky it wasnt will smith he would have really slapped him
  16. this is what happens when you steal every cnts dinner money
  17. seems your nana had common sense
  19. when i was a nipper at school a bigger boy told me he would batter me at home time and i felt how you sound now.
  20. in a referendum over 98% voted to be identified as british.if its your territory you defend it.
  21. you may not give a feck but the falklanders did and its been a british colony since 1841.
  22. doesnt look as if its going and its down to twelve if it does go
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