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  1. Yeah i agree with this also to be fair so .. where did i put my earplugs
  2. Ive been tough on the pups years ago (not that tough ) even used a water pistol telling it to get into bed etc which works they dont like getting sprayed but im older now and softer
  3. never heard of that one ill have a wee google ...
  4. I like that with the teddy . Nice one .
  5. Been a few years for me but im doing it again next week i just miss it too much . Settling a new pup into its new home for the first night or so can be a pain in the arse .Having another dog for company can be a godsend but if its an only pup its a nightmare so what are your tricks or old ways that you guys have success with as im interested in others success methods ... Cheers.
  6. I hope your right but ill be happy either way
  7. Yours is a belter i like the stamp of it
  8. I was hoping for a broken coat but i wont hold out for it to be honest but you never know . Its jacket is right thick but no stragglers to indicate a broken coat as yet but still young though 7 weeks old .
  9. Im near Menstrie bud . Knew a few guys vallyfield and lochgelly way over the years
  10. The grey wolf ... http://exhibits.museum.state.il.us/exhibits/larson/canis.html
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