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  1. Armadillo came to my immediate area about 20 years ago.We didn't have them when I was a kid.They are plentiful now.I could shoot one in my front yard every night.Now all of Alabama and most of Tennessee has them.Invasive possum on a half shell.
  2. Ran out of likes a few pages back.I sure enjoy this thread gentleman. Few of my recent adventures.
  3. We tried something like that and the shark tangled in it lol. We keep a bunch of old bricks to use also as they work almost as well in calm conditions.In rough weather the concrete ones work better.
  4. Yes sir.We kayak the baits out but fish from shore.The weight will be tied to the hook with small mono line usually 20lb test.When the shark bites the bait it cuts the weight free.Sharks will drop a bait that has to much weight resistance.The breakaway setup is the best I have found.
  5. I used up the last of my shark weights last weekend so I made some more. Concrete poured in a square plastic bowl.They weigh roughly 8 lbs a piece.I push some wire in to attach fishing line.
  6. I was asked to walk a cotton farm and chase off any beaver I found. I found several dams but couldn't find the beaver. Finally found a lodge.We chased em back to the river. Found this little fellow while terrier was working.
  7. Mr Charts I would recommend reading about the x factor in racehorses.Its still not definitive proof but I believe it.
  8. Any sumbitch with wild unruly children will have dogs that bite you as the man isn't the head of the household. Quote Tri Valley Any critter who will eat his own shit and f**k his mama might do anything. Quote My father Baptize them till they act like Christians should.Rickshaw swami
  9. I'm usually on the northwest corner.Along an area known as the emerald coast.Only landed those two.I hooked into a monster tiger shark.He was too big for my fishing setup really.He eventually broke off on a reef as he could swim wherever he wanted with me attached lol.When I kayaked the next bait out I was nervous as I think he was big enough to eat my 12 ft kayak lol.The big one always gets away.This time I think I was glad it did.
  10. The scaffolds survived their maiden voyage of 600 miles to a favorite fishing spot of mine.Everything was well organized and we could change locations at the drop of a hat.I was very happy but it did get some strange looks lol.
  11. My wife brushes her teeth with it with toothpaste to help whiten teeth.So have I.Ive used it to get rid of a lie bump on my tongue.Ive had several dogs to eat a large hunting sock over the years.The vets years ago told me to use peroxide.Its always worked without a problem. If you don't feel comfortable with that I think active charcoal would be next best.
  12. 1 or 2 cc of peroxide down the goozle will induce vomiting in seconds.
  13. I got a new truck.I wanted a way to transport my shark fishing gear to florida and be able to get a few hours sleep in the back.I looked at a bunch of different options.Nothing fit my need so I decided to Redneck Engineer something.I bought a set of scaffolds. Me and my buddy built some bed pads from layers of foam and bubble wrap for HVAC. We loaded the truck yesterday for Florida.Its ugly as hell but I think it will work. Cargo carrier for coolers and bait bags which are proned to leak blood. Rods strapped up. The bed of the truck will be where I sleep.M
  14. Back in the swamps yesterday.Rain made for blurry pics.
  15. Otters vision is designed for seeing underwater not above.Its their only weakness in my opinion. If you don't move they generally can't see you more than 10 ft away. To give me an advantage I always wear neutral colors that match our tree leaves depending on time of year.This was what I was wearing today.No flashy colors.
  16. Walked in a small creek in town today.I seen bubbles.I knew it was a yearling otter.I sat and watched him hunt. I didn't move as otter can't see good.He made his way right to my feet.He was spinning in circles to catch his prey.It was strangely similar to a tactic that I've seen dolphins use. Finally he spotted me and was gone.
  17. Leaves of three let it be.
  18. Its poison ivy mack. The antihistamine will help. Calamine lotion will help.clorox can dry it up but doesn't feel good.
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