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  1. In the US bowfishing for carp is the same as far as spending money.We are overpopulated with certain carp though.So bowfishing helps reduce numbers but the spending is the same.Now days they think you need $100,000 airboat with a sorround sound stereo.Enough lights for a jet runway.I still do it the old fashioned way.Small Jon boat,a lurching lamp,one shooter.Thats how I taught my daughter and she still loves it.She got this one the other night(buffalo).I was a proud father. The same boys with the big airboats who have to have all the new gadgets,rarely make it over 5 years. I
  2. Thanks.Thats how I been catching them I prefer to cast a topwater bass plug above the rapids and let it tumble down. If this doesn't work I use a soft plastic swim bait. These are made in Japan with squid juice inside.I let them tumble down the rapids.One of the two generally works.The other creek fishermen in my area has fished these creeks but they fished the calm water for largemouth and never found the smallmouth as they were hiding in the rapids and largemouth avoid these areas. @Wolfdog91 Those soft plastics by keitech have caught me several channel cat o
  3. In the last month I have spent more days creek fishing than working I'm ashamed to say.It all started one night when I was reading about the habits of smallmouth bass.They are said to be the hardest fighting fish in North America.I had a theory that some of the larger size smallmouth bass would migrate from the river up shallow clear creeks to spawn.These bass behave more like trout in the Mountains than typical largemouth bass.Long story short I was right and I have been catching 3-5 lb smallmouth from creeks.This hasn't ever been accomplished in my local area.The funny thing is I can't tell
  4. If Walshie ever makes it down to Dixie I will buy him a steak and cigar for that one.
  5. If Walshie ever makes it down to Dixie I will buy him a steak and cigar for that one.
  6. Thanks I would say you are right about the different sharks.Some had a pointed nose and some had a more rounded nose.I think they were sandbar and bull but as you said hard to tell.I have taken the Florida land based shark fishing course.Its supposed to help you identify each one but I still can't tell
  7. For the money you spend for a deep sea fishing guide you can buy a kayak,rod and reel and go shark fishing as much as you want. Interesting thing I have learned about sharks is they will gladly ingest old car parts they find but will run away from bait that has been previously frozen.They are strange creatures in my opinion.
  8. Penn senator 114 It has about 800 yards of 100 lb braided line.Line capacity is important when land based shark fishing.Sometimes I will kayak a bait 400 yards from shore.You still need enough line to fight him.With that said I have never hooked a really big shark.Technically my reel is too small to big shark fish but it has worked for me. We landed six on this trip over three nights of fishing.None of them was quite as big as the one I already posted.
  9. Drove to the emerald coast in Florida to do a little shark fishing.Bought some red snapper heads at fish market today.After dark we kayaked baits a few hundred yards out.I immediately had a screaming run that broke my line.I spent twenty minutes building a new rig.Kayaked the bait back out.5 minutes after making it back to land I had another screaming run.This time I let the shark run for a few hundred yards before setting the hook.It was a thirty minute battle but landed this six footer.Im pretty sure it's a bull shark.Its now 1230 a.m. my arms are cramping but I'm ready to drop another bait
  10. In my local area we have largemouth, smallmouth ,spotted bass and saltwater bass in our local rivers. they keep everything elses numbers low.I actually don't know alot about pickerel but I have accidentally caught them in our creek while fishing a crawdad crankbait for bass.But honestly only ever seen a handful caught but always a small creek and always small crawdad crankbait.As wolfdog said around here it's all about the Church of BASS.
  11. Find you a mud flat or backwater close to a muddy river.Fish at night.A fifty pound buff with an arrow through him can drag 2 fat asses in a flat bottom boat There's no muskie around here but if by pickerel you talking about a fish that looks like a small pike,then yes I've caught afew in small creeks but never in rivers.
  12. Have you thought about trying for buffalo with that setup.I have wondered in the past if it would work.Never tried it though.
  13. As we say in Dixie,Tyla flung a craving on me.
  14. We do run limblines from time to time.Also we noodle fish or jug fish.My little brother used to grapple for catfish.Stick your hand in a hole and grab them.I have caught a few small flatheads this way.Its to much like work though lol.
  15. Snakes we're every where.Seen around 50 I would guess counting cottonmouths and water snakes. I did manage one pretty sunperch I took a break in the shade and just soaked it all in for awhile. Caught a couple small ones while relaxing. The last fish of the morning was a smallmouth bass which was a treat. When I got back to the truck he was waiting for me. Made it home safe and sound but exhausted.
  16. I haven't had much time for nature in the past month.Today I skipped work and headed out to a local creek.Its still a little early in the year for creek fishing but I couldn't wait any longer. Immediately after casting off I spotted the enemy. Fishing was slow and the water was very cold but I managed a few.
  17. We were bowfishing one night when this little turtle no bigger than a coin started to hunt minnows in our bright lights so I scooped him up.
  18. Most rednecks keep a couple extra plugs laying in their boat in case of trouble.A drunk redneck changing a spark plug while stranded in the swamp.Theres probably tons of them in the river systems in my opinion.
  19. I've never found a gator gar.Even pushed back deep in the mobile Delta.No luck
  20. I ain't no Yankee but yes in Alabama we have around 30 types of turtles.What we call terrapins live in the woods and yes they stink.I had a terrier who ran loose as a kid and he would bring them home and chew em till he got inside. I caught my youngest daughter a baby turtle two years ago. He's still small.His aquarium is washed and scrub once a week or her room will stink.She is ready to release him as she is tired of cleaning.We just waiting for river water temps to get up to room temps.
  21. I'd be more scared of that bait than a big gator That gator tail good eating if done right. Do you have many gator gar in your area?
  22. We got this 12 footer years ago.The hide man said he guessed this gator to be 70 but he said it could be older. He was covered in scars.He was missing his right front foot if you look close. If you look closely in this picture you will see that a 12 foot gator has a weewee the size of a crayon Gators stink so bad that while riding in the back of the truck with this dinosaur I got sick and had to vomit over the side of the truck.It landed on the windshield of a new Mercedes Good times
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