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  1. Life is to short to tolerate a lazy dog,sorry mule or a nagging woman. Happy Thanksgiving Day from this hillbilly pilgrim to all yall.
  2. Its a weed that in cold temps pushes its water outside forming thin pedals of ice.
  3. Swamps were half froze yesterday. Saw my first frost weed of the year.
  4. Carhart is tougher than an otters bite i can guarantee
  5. A new Yellowstone season starts tonight gentlemen.
  6. IM NO EXPERT.Bulldog birddog crosses are used alot in Dixie for a hogdog.Some people call them outlaw curs.We called em running catchdogs.Meaning they ran loose instead of on a leash like a proper catchdog.Usually a running catchdog can handle boar up to 150 pounds.If bigger they will bay until the catchdog arrives.Handy type dog. I would guess wolfdog has something similar.In My Opinion.
  7. I was working on the Tennessee river today. Some men are distracted by pretty women or cell phones.I nearly ran a $80k machine in the river while watching an otter feeding.
  8. You are correct.If it becomes a chronic problem then try my mixture.
  9. Half penicillin half peroxide squirted in ear.Its what dogmen in Dixie use.
  10. @Wolfdog91 Be careful.yellow jackets are bad this year.Done got ate up twice.
  11. Doing good but today was a bolted coon lol.
  12. I was hunting there this morning.I took a few pics as the leaves are changing.Old phone so not the best.
  13. My father built a successful business based on a John Wayne quote."Most men aren't willing"
  14. Better is heart than a mighty blade for him who shall fiercely fight; A brave man well shall fight and win though dull his blade may be. Fafnismal
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