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  1. If I wanted to listen to a whining arsehole I’d fart
  2. Is that book still available lads? If the shots in there are anything like this thread then it should be outstanding, cracking set of terriers you lads have, especially that westie like must be a canny set watching him go to graft on the long tails
  3. She’s heart broken it’s come to this mate she’s crying at the thought but it’s making her miserable and it’s not fair
  4. Aye mate you’ve hit the nail on the head to be honest it’s just obviously hard coming to terms with it because I love him to bits but life’s just took abit of a U-turn for me recently and nothing’s like it used to be because my wee man came along I would have had all the time in the world I’ve just got too many responsibilities at this moment in time, it’s gonna kill is like but I think it is gonna be best to let him go, I want one of you lads off here to have him though because I know there is some sound lads who do dogs justice on here I don’t wanna offer him on any gumtree site or anything
  5. So I’ve had Bernard here since early March he’s 8 month old and such a nice dog, I’ve recently had a baby and had to start working full time hours plus some for my financial situation and I don’t have a lot of time for the hound, he’s home winding my lass up all day to the point where we’re falling out and with a 6 month and of bairn it’s not the best of situations he’s just stuck in the yard all day with a tiny gate which he keeps jumping over as he loves people always wants to play and there’s a lot going on as I live in a busy area he has also developed an obsession with chasing people on b
  6. Sound if we’re alone but if there’s a lot going on he’s a friggen nightmare to be honest like, think I’ve slacked abit with having the bairn but still getting him out on the regular so hopefully gets better with time, any tips are welcome though, any dogs around or people on bikes and he’s away
  7. Spot on mate he’s colossul though he just won’t stop eating, hungriest bairn in Tyneside
  8. I let my pup sleep in his crate in my bedroom for the first couple of weeks before he got moved to the kitchen it settled him quite well as he knew where we were at night so didn’t whine after the first night
  9. How’s it going mate still on the beans? And 6 month now mate doing well just full of energy on the constant haha
  10. Helaw fellow hunting life members been a while since I’ve been on here, forgot my details and the phone that had the details was broke but now is fixed and I’m back here’s a picture of the hound for anybody who cares
  11. Some amazing work that mate well done
  12. Couldn't agree more mate the dogs are family in my eyes I wouldn't feed me bairns shite and I wouldn't feed me dogs it either
  13. Just got some bacon that's about to go aswell was thinking of giving him that
  14. They were about to go out of date, thought I'd give him a treat, what's the thoughts on pork is it too salty for them?
  15. It was just a one off for the lad he'll be alright man
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