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  1. I had a leupold thermal. Was shite as couldnt identify passed 50 yards. Id like a pulsar but out my price range. I picked up a pard nv019 spotter. Its good n onlypayed 150 for it. Could improve it ten fold with a better ir torch. Just need to mount it onto my lamp as iys hard to hold the nv 210tracer and dog. Plus side to having one is you can spot rifle boys ir lights aswell if u somewhere you shouldnt be.
  2. My bullx whippet bitch went to groumd for first time couple weeks back n bolted a 2 fox out. By time she came out they were gone.
  3. I've hardly been out due to complications following the birth off My daughter, but times I've used it it's been great. Spotting rabbits for the lurchers and with ease from good distance. Easy to use unit aswell. Need to carry extra batteries as they only last couple of hours
  4. Does anyone know what app to use on a Samsung phone to connect to the monocular.
  5. Well, I was playing with the unit tonight n realised the optical lenses zoom at the front. Can see much further out and clear too then battery died. I was only using digital zoom last night. Hoping to get out tomoz night again with it.
  6. I'm not one for posting write ups about days out but I always enjoyed reading iww ones. Looking forward to reading of this pups progress.
  7. Went out local there and it's so simple to use, very still night and called couple of fox right in. Could see out to 200 yards no problem bit further than that was hard to make out anything out very clear, paired up with a better illuminator i reckon it the clarity further out will be excellent. I've not got extra lenses in and focuses no problem for me. My only gripe is the rubber eyecup falls off so easily. Bit of insulation tape will sort that out tho.
  8. Received it this morning, will take it out tonight when I walk the dogs n see what it's like. Might take me a while to figure out how it works, not great with technology ?
  9. Just received one from him. Excellent service, just to try it out.
  10. Go on the pard nv019 topic, there's a link on it for a guy selling them for 150. I've just bought one 5 mins ago off him.
  11. I will register n give the guy a pm. Thanks lads. Don't tell my Mrs she be wanting the money for Christmas.
  12. Looking at ordering on one soon, Ian b, am I best waiting until next Friday? Any sales going on then? Cheers Gav
  13. I've a near full pack of puppy training pads I could do with getting rid of. There's over 50 in the pack, pm me you address if you fancy them iww n I will post them down to you. Keep looking forward to the future pal. Atb with the pup too. Cheers Gav
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