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  1. I need enlightened on these new laws ?? Heard stuff about hatr courseres but that's about it ,am I missing something,
  2. Ye take ya point, I'll try the hibiscrub wash first ,see how it goes .thanks for advice
  3. Do you not like ivomec ? No nothing about it really, just a lad I know swears by it .I have cut it back and ordered some gear ,stinky stuff it's called. I also have hibiscrub. It's not bothering the dog. Just looks sore .ends up being like crusty scabs over a couple of days .
  4. Young Russell dog has came out with these rash on his shoulders , followed by scabs , but not affecting him or making him scratch. I've gave him 3 days of antibiotics, but doesn't seen to have helped .there's no mange etc round by me in either dog or fox , I've tried him on gluten free dog food incase it was an allergy ! Any advice before trip to vets . Should I try ivermectin first ??
  5. Nice cross .bet that can put a day's graft in .
  6. Bout 3000 .small shoot ,couple dck ponds .be better now the red tails are thinned out .we're getting some stick .
  7. Had a small gang of bushings dogs ,/ bobber pack up from cumbria to do a spot of fox driving before birds were properly released on our private shoots .exceptional we dogs made up of beagle cocker x terrier mainly .odd little terrier running about .fantastic job .accounted for 7 .the lads think there was around 10 lifted .Still a bit hot but very enjoyable day out .started at half 6 in morning .cant for the life of me upload bloody pictures. Anyway brilliant day with good lads and dogs .something else when they get going .
  8. Davydunny

    Aj. V Uysk

    Waste of time and money Usyk much better fighter .aj big clumsy ,no chin and has to many weak spots .usyk is a thinker .
  9. Right lads, we are dropping birds into a knew area mid August. We need the woods ,gills etc flushed out first .I know it's not right time of year but needs must.we used a small bobber pack from cumbria ,but we have lost contact .as the lad who dealt with them has sadly died.we wre in Lockerbie area where the shoot is .please pm me
  10. Just after a bit advice , hoping maybe someone had been in the same boat .but thanks I will phone tomoz
  11. Can't be dealing with pups and defo not out of non proven stuff .I'll be going against things I've said for 40 odd years .
  12. My old lurcher dog has managed to line my sister inlaws labrodoodle.she didn't even know it was in season. Any body know the price of aborting pups these days ? Any advice grateful . P.s I thought old dog had perked up once she came to garden .
  13. What is the best bushing or flushing dog you've owned or saw. I've seen a beagle x lab/spaniel work fox ,rabbit and find a wounded roe. Was very biddable and would hunt any cover all day long . He tried to line the bitch a few times but never took . Shame really as it was a real good bitch .
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