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  1. Lads were up again weekend gone .Good day out .4 lifted.2 shot .all dogs worked fantastic .like a pack of termites in cover .although iy seems will he the last time they are allowed up here due to the so called ban cuming in to play soon . Anyway had a great time ,good laughs and loved watching the little dogs work . Before I forget there was 1 cross .beagle coxker x terrier x beddy bull whippet . Excellent cover dog .very strong on Charlie's but mute .anyone else have similar.
  2. Looks like all the bullshit has finally landed. Absulotly rotten to the core. I'm afraid my grandchildren and there children will not even know the meaning of countryside activity. Be lucky if they can fish on the local sea front!! Devastating knock on effect .
  3. I have this 1 ,had it over 20 years
  4. Good are they as good as they once where.there was talks about using lakies on some bitches then back to beddys .don't know if anything happened .is the fella still into hounds n such .
  5. A Yorkshire fella use to breed some toppers as well .but long time ago .fella called nick I think he was called . As I say 1 was sent up here and was a good grafter, never really see or here of any toppers these days .
  6. No idea if them fellas still alive , 1 old boy was called Brian orr I think .had a good bitch called treacle .
  7. Interesting read, there use to be some top Bedlington back in the day .there was 1 guy in cumbria use to breed some good stuff .lad I no had 1 .was a good little all round bitch .never produced anything of the same calibre though .seems to be dying out .same as the beddy whippet or greyhound .
  8. That's the 1 the scritcher! Thankyou Do u know if u can still buy them .?
  9. Hi wondering if anyone can help .on 1 of the warrener dvds from few years back .he has a device he switched on and put near cage traps and snares .lured foxes In.i can not for the life of me find out what they where ! Please any help much appreciated. P.s I haven't the dvds no more
  10. Best out n out dog ever owned ,only a wee dog about 23 inch but full of fire
  11. I need enlightened on these new laws ?? Heard stuff about hatr courseres but that's about it ,am I missing something,
  12. Ye take ya point, I'll try the hibiscrub wash first ,see how it goes .thanks for advice
  13. Do you not like ivomec ? No nothing about it really, just a lad I know swears by it .I have cut it back and ordered some gear ,stinky stuff it's called. I also have hibiscrub. It's not bothering the dog. Just looks sore .ends up being like crusty scabs over a couple of days .
  14. Young Russell dog has came out with these rash on his shoulders , followed by scabs , but not affecting him or making him scratch. I've gave him 3 days of antibiotics, but doesn't seen to have helped .there's no mange etc round by me in either dog or fox , I've tried him on gluten free dog food incase it was an allergy ! Any advice before trip to vets . Should I try ivermectin first ??
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