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  1. I didn't know about this fuel thing until after work yesterday when my fuel light was on and no where has any f***ing diesel left because of thick c**ts who probably didn't need the fuel anyway ABSOLUTE f***ing SHIT c**ts
  2. I was lucky to be gifted my 4 year old boy when he was a pup and I've recently bought a well bred sal bull grey gave 300 got 50 back for luck didn't know the man before I met him that day. There are still people about doing it fair
  3. There are still people about not in it for the money and will sell you a dog at a sensible price but it all depends on how much that person wants to line there pocket.
  4. I've actually thought this year I've not seen so many normally the trees behind my house are moving with the bloody things but I've barely seen any this year. I was hoping for them as I bought a air rifle couple months ago aswell
  5. Not to bad testing the waters more in house but great out and about. Just can't drive her anywhere else she's sick
  6. Sal bull Grey she's feckin broken ? she was asleep perched up there
  7. I see more with my led lamp then a halogen but my eyes are shite
  8. Not by hand I hope! To hot for that shit
  9. Dont like mushrooms at all there the devils fruit but by feck that lot looks good ?
  10. Wife said the same but I was so hungry I'm surprised it made it on to the plate
  11. I'd say you were definitely in the right there, I quit smoking now but by f**k if a cat f****d up my baccy I'd be absolutely raging
  12. That's bad times but it has made me feel better about it now though dosnt seem so bad a handbag compared to a sofa!! The pup dosnt seem to chew anything just moves shit around like my work boots or daughters shoes and she will only hide the one aswell lucky the house is small so limited on hiding space for her
  13. I dont bloody know mate I just except it and carry on ? who am I to question such things!!
  14. Many many reasons I f***ing hate them both but wouldn't be without either of them ? the older dog however is just out to f**k me over any chance he gets!! Most resent is YET ANOTHER of the wifes handbags ripped up for no feckin reason!! To which I have to replace another one again!! 4th time now and each time the bags are getting more expensive dosnt help her birthday is round the corner so I'm now getting links sent to me for handbags that are closer to £400 then I'd like!!
  15. Not a bad place to spend the working day
  16. Went out to one of them brewdog places tonight for father inlaws birthday. Was ok wouldn't rush back there though
  17. You just showing off in your merc you flash fecker ?
  18. No bud the wife got it from dunelm
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