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    Pet hates.

    People who sit in there car for ages at a petrol station after they have paid when they know I'm sat behind fcuking waiting to use the pump!!!
  2. Cheers d they ain't looking to bad
  3. I'm useless at photos it's a friend who has her own business for collars and used these pair of idiots to "model" them for her photos so I can't take any credit for the photos unfortunately but thought the dogs looked alright in them
  4. https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/big-cat-sighting-man-comes-6371350
  5. When it don't listen just walk the other way away from the dog, I've never used treatsjust make a bit of a fuss when they do what is asked of them. If walking away doesn't do it then hide from the f****r they soon get scared then don't want to be left again so listen well after that
  6. That sounds about as stressful as it could get mate!
  7. Yep £163 of that was the consultation fee he's right as rain now though pain in the ass but it's done now I guess can't change it but I may change vet's though a pal of mine has given me a number for a lady who deals with a few local hunts aswell so I'd prefer to use a vet that understands hunting dogs
  8. Evening out, at the f***ing vets! Dog ate a lot of chocolate he's done it before and been fine but this time it was a lot!! Well I'm 274 quid lighter for him to chuck it all up and to top it off I'll have to shop it all again!!
  9. What's the yellow bits wife is wondering looks really nice
  10. We got bugger all just really windy
  11. To cold for this shit and its raining on and off but what the boss wants the boss man gets ?
  12. My lamping is in smaller type fields where the hedge line is close so the dog must be good at turning none of this cruse ship turning alot of the rabbits caught are on the hedge line after being turned a couple times better when it's turned back out into the field though, I think it all comes down to having the right sorts for the land you hunt, like if your dogs are use to running massive open land then maybe they wouldn't fair so well in smaller fields and same with my dogs they might not fair so well at your type of land ?. I feel this should be tested properly for science s
  13. f**k that looks like a sparkys job to me cut the lot out the way
  14. I always figure if it doesn't fall over then its good enough to stand on ? I'm sure one day I will end up falling but until that day comes adapt and overcome anything to get the job done
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