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  1. We got bugger all just really windy
  2. To cold for this shit and its raining on and off but what the boss wants the boss man gets
  3. My lamping is in smaller type fields where the hedge line is close so the dog must be good at turning none of this cruse ship turning alot of the rabbits caught are on the hedge line after being turned a couple times better when it's turned back out into the field though, I think it all comes down to having the right sorts for the land you hunt, like if your dogs are use to running massive open land then maybe they wouldn't fair so well in smaller fields and same with my dogs they might not fair so well at your type of land . I feel this should be tested properly for science s
  4. f**k that looks like a sparkys job to me cut the lot out the way
  5. I always figure if it doesn't fall over then its good enough to stand on I'm sure one day I will end up falling but until that day comes adapt and overcome anything to get the job done
  6. That was my way of thinking really along with the Bedlington in reg loads of terrier in the house
  7. My old lurcher was alright with mother's cat but wanted to kill all the others. One of the ones I got now fecking hates cats with a passion and there is a fair few round me they stay well clear from my garden now, the neighbours cat nearly had it when they moved in
  8. I'll mention it to the wife that I'm after a pup then sort it out and tell her that I'm picking one up she's never bothered about it really, the pup I've got here now was ment to be a terrier that's what she wanted so she got a sal/bull/grey close enough I reckon
  9. Could keep a small dehumidifier on low?
  10. If its working in the other rooms then I'd say that's your best bet without taking floor up and walls off to sort out damp problems you can only limit it with ventilation which seems you are on the ball with
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