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  1. Had same trouble with my bitch had her A1 then went away for three days leaving my son to look after here had to start again but was worth it ,she's spot on now.
  2. Spot on the beast, that's the trick making the connection, the penny will drop. Also routine straight out after meals and drinks till she goes. Taking her water away as well after she has drank,sounds like she is trying to be clean hence not messing in the crate.
  3. Think you've already answer mate ,when you turn your back! Keep close eye on here any sign of circling sniffing etc show here were you would like her to piss. Lots and lots of praise when she does it , no harsh words or scolding when she doesn't just show her out. You can also help by leading her out every half hour /hour to go toilet, patients is a virtue my mate, hope it helps it work for me.
  4. Some belters there chaps here is my newest addition.
  5. I think anyone who's been in the game a long time would be 1 and 3, I have an 11 year old he has seen only a couple come and go but he's still here. When younger the grass was always greener and the next fad cross would be all the rage. I have been a 1and am now a 3, never been a number two but have met only a couple in my time.
  6. Nice cross Jase great all rounders the black dog is that way bred 23" ,brilliant around the nets great for a mooch with terriers always would tackle all quarry no problem and a good lamper too. He is 11yrs now and has earned his place by the fire. Good look with them keep us posted.
  7. Nice pic Dan,keep us posted on the young bitch you spoke about I don't have a terrier at the mo I have been looking for a while but in no rush would love to see the border make a comeback.
  8. Stunning bitch ,best of luck with her, is she a first cross?
  9. I like the lure from now until March 3 casts and move on 15 yards , I've had takes in crystal clear water right at my feet they are so aggressive they can't resist on the third cast even if they not feeding. Plus you are on the move saves the cold seizing you up
  10. A relative of mine has one supposedly from working stock , he does nothing with him and I always think what a waste. Wonder if they'll ever make a comeback.
  11. Great vid, looks like them dogs have been there a few times didn't miss much.
  12. Here is an old picture from 1989, two of my terriers both had border in them and both useful dogs funny how times change, you don't see that many about.it's a shame I always liked borders good looking little dogs.
  13. Does anybody know of genuine strain of working borders,you just don't seem to see any about these days .during the late 80s I had the pleasure to go out with a couple one was owned by a really good terrier man but always blew hot and cold ,a cross word early in the day would see him sulking. The other was the absolute opposite he was a demon to anything including other terriers I believe he came a cropper in a kennel fight before he reached his full potential. Only other experience was a very good friend of mine had a 3/4 borderx1/4 Lakeland he was a great dog ,could be dug to ,knew when to mix it and when to be steady would catch rats in water ,rock steady with ferret and a great busher quite in the kennel and very plasid around other dogs, a real gem funny how he never got the credit he deserved but I suppose looking back we where only 15 yrs of age ourselves.
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