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    Brown bread

    Cocaine for breakfast and meloxicam for tea lol

    Brown bread

    Never seen the point of feeding brown bread myself in this day and age. Most greyhound trainers feed complete these days. And usually just some meat. 90% of greyhounds are probably fed this way now. And in my opinion there' a reason times have got faster at the tracks over the years down to balanced diets that have been studied in the lab. Not just Joe blog who throws in a bit of this and a bit of that into the dogs bowl. Just my opinion

    Blie whippet bitch

    Blie whippet bitch View Advert I' after a blue whippet pup must be a bitch anyone can help let me know thanks Advertiser CARADOCMICK Date 28/01/18 Price £300.00 Category Working Hounds  

    Blie whippet bitch


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    I' after a blue whippet pup must be a bitch anyone can help let me know thanks



    Feeding 8 week old pup

    High protein for pups thats essential for everything. Best litter of pups I ever saw was reared on australian formula puppy then at 12 months switched onto normal australian built like brick shit houses and all of them could shift. Meat was always fed wth it aswell just not too much. Red mills is allright but it' just what suits the dog at the end of the day I know someone who always use arkwrights and I'm not keen about that. It' each to there own when it comes to dogs mate

    Barf Feeding

    I used to feed sheep' heads back in the 80s always used to ask the butcher to leave the eyes in aswell. Why you ask? So that it would SEE us through the week LMAO

    I'm intrested to know

    Im intrested to know what you lurcher and running dog lads do with your dogs for excercise etc. I know it' completely different to the greyhounds it all I've ever known. Bur I'm contemplating getting myself something different as a hobby. Also what do you lads feed as well as what excercise do your do. CARADOCMICK
  8. Pennys Coco Kinloch Brae X Pennys Lady Freebie been through the hands of 2 trainers 1 flapping trainer and one Sheffield trainer said she would never win a race. Landed a major gamble for me won by 11 and 3/4 a lengh on December 3rd 27.38 at kinsley witch is flying. Got my Christmas dough out of her and shes won a few aswell as that starts and stays

    Buying A Racing Dog To Race

    Flapping is finished no point trying to introduce people grass roots there anymore been driven into the ground. Highgate is on its arse can' even provide a meeting for tonight due to poor management and the bookie not taking a bet all dog en left that place a long yime ago just numptys go there these days. Askern is OK but you are up against proper dog men who know how to do the "JOB" and won' be able to learn anything. If your wanting to place the dog with a trainer go to the track you like your dog to run at and talk to the people there to see who they recommend as a trainer. As for cost there' a few ways to do it there' a run mone deal basic everything the dog earns the trainer keeps and the owner has no bills ever. Or there' a fixed daily rate. Between 5 and 12 quid varying from trainer to trainer and you get run money and prize money knocked off bill or given to you. You will never make money in the job unless you own one of the very top dogs in the country or are a owner that likes a big bet. You have to be involved in the greyhound game for the love of it half hearted don' cut it.

    Dry Food.... To Soak Or Not To Soak

    Fats do dogs are like carbs to us it's there main enegy source.... if you feed meat with a nice bit of fat in that's usually bang on. However there are benefits to feeding lard with dogs ie if your feeding rabbit or any other kind of lean meat you need to be adding lard as a rule of thumb. Lard is also beneficial to dogs prone to cramping and dogs that are in poor conditin and/or underweight ATB
  11. Those of you who fwed dry dog food how do you feed it do you soak it or feed it dry if you do soak it how do you do it. I soak mime in lukewarm water for about 4 hours.

    Dr John Gold

    Has anyone ever tried taste of the wild? I go batleys all time to get food for the kennels I work in seen this stuff never heard of it before lol

    Dr John Gold

    I once seen a dog break a track record fed on a cheap complete food and a little bit of cooked chicken mince......seen that dog go to other kennels and perform no better. That taught me if the dg has ability it will run no matter what. Not that I would feed a cheap shit food like


    I'm not knocking bone men. People use them others don't I care witch one you are if I'm honest it's all about opinions but MY OPINION is that nothing can possibly come out of a place be it a back or a shoulder if it did no living creature would be able to walk. I remember when my Mrs dad had a trapped nerve in his back he was off work for a good few months and anything he did caused him great pain. So I'm just saying clunk click that trapped nerve has gone I don't buy that shite. Chiropractic work has been used sometimes well in greyhounds ie when soreness inbetween a dogs shoulder blades.or pain in the lower back. I just think they take the piss everything boils down to trapped nerves or things been out on dogs MY OPINION is that they are taking people's money and feeding them shite. Either that or they are trying to sell them the next best machine be it ultrasound or a certain box for them to stand in for 15 mins that rids of pain. As for the clown that says I came here to advertise what do I have to gain have NEVER took a penny from any dog I have looked at for anyone I just try to help out and give a second opinion before they throw a score or whatever away.


    Simply has the dogs to win derby's with mate a half whit could win the derby with the dogs he has had. Give Charlie lister a f***ing a7 dog and it will be just that a a7 grader. Im not saying I'm right and everyone's wrong we all have our own opinions. I'm glad you lot have results. But I've never been a fan of these bone clickers. Nowt but noise for me