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  1. Ethan davies

    Evening walk with the lurcher + misses pug!!!

    Didn't take any of the pug sadly ye it's not a bad place to camp tbh spent all my youth there camping and swimming in the river ✌
  2. Lovely walk this evening got some lovely country side around us we so lucky to have the trails and land like this!!!
  3. Ethan davies

    Wet morning ferreting

    Cheers arry ye it’s all about being out mate
  4. Ethan davies

    Wet morning ferreting

    Cheers lads he is wet and pissed off I think flacko lol
  5. Ethan davies

    Wet morning ferreting

    Went out this morning had 4 bunny’s lurcher had two and ferreted two! The weather was terrible I was soaked right through the dogs and ferrets enjoyed mind only had the one photo because the weather was shocking !!
  6. Ethan davies

    Ferreting this morning

    another morning out only took two photos bit of a mad rush this morning enjoyed it out had 3 this morning out of this set and missed one later on in the afternoon and had to rush home and go for food but good morning out again thanks for looking
  7. Ethan davies

    A few this morning

    Awsome vid mate love watching all your videos on YouTube good channel
  8. Ethan davies

    Ferreting this morning

    cheers Adampie8432
  9. Ethan davies

    Ferreting this morning

    Thanks Big napper and troyboy17 ye your right better than being stuck in!
  10. Ethan davies

    Ferreting this morning

    Up and out early went to one of my olaces this morning haven been there in a while plan was to go out for a little wander with dogs and ferret.. no big numbers just the one this morning which not to botherd with enjoyed morning out with the dogs in the fresh air as you can see in the photos dogs are wrecked back of the van
  11. Ethan davies

    My pup coming up 11 months

    Bull whippet greyhound mate
  12. Ethan davies

    Caerphilly hunt

    Are Caerphilly Hunt meeting on boxing if so where do they meet and what time?
  13. Ethan davies

    My pup coming up 11 months

    Thanks mate
  14. Not sure if I posted a recent picture of him 11 months old naw coming a treat very pleased hopefully turn into a handy dog
  15. Ethan davies

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    my little parson Russell brilliant little busher and great ferreting dog