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  1. Thank you mate I really appreciate it. I've sent you a pm. Atb adam
  2. Do you know what tuning kit he used by any chance mate or even the fellas name so I could speak too him. Cheers atb Adam
  3. Thanks lads I've bought a hw 99 in .177 now. Really thinking I should of done more research as I spoke too a fella from Monmouthshire who tunes guns and he said that the 99 in .177 may have problems if I put a tuning kit in it. Not sure if it's true but don't want too mess the gun up. He said I would of been better of with .22? Atb Adam
  4. The dog pup is now gone and one bitch pup has came available due too a messer. Atb Adam
  5. Yeah sorry lads 1 dog pup available. Their 6 weeks old today. Atb Adam
  6. That helped alot mate thanks alot. So you would pick the 99 over the 95? Atb Adam
  7. Tried a few different stripping brushes on my pup but they aint doing the job on him so ill clip him out this weekend. Atb adam
  8. Thanks for the advice lads I'm going too look for a hw 95, preferably with a thumb hole stock. Atb Adam
  9. Hi guys I'm thinking of purchasing a good springer for pest control. Any recommendations on which one too buy? I'm looking for something powerful, accurate and as quiet as possible. Cheers atb Adam
  10. 2 dog pups available. Atb adam
  11. 2 dog pups available. Atb adam
  12. 4 dog pups available out of this litter if anybodys interested? Should make belting bushing dogs. Atb Adam
  13. Worked out better for me in the end. My mates springer x working farm collie came into season so I bred her with a 3/4 russel 1/4 beagle. Both excellent bushing dogs. Hopefully she catches. I will keep the bitch over with me, rear the pups take one from the litter then send the bitch back over with him. He doesn't want anything too do with pups though has he bred his cocker bitch in the summer and it cost him £1500 for a c section in the vets after one got stuck. That's the risks I suppose though. If all goes well I will have a well bred bushing pup or 2 so it will all be worth it hopefully
  14. Thanks mate. Yes hopefully something pops up. It's a long shot I know but it doesn't have too be a pup. Atb Adam
  15. I'm also looking too mate I've been looking for a while now. Something did pop up but covid and my new born ending up in hospital for abit on oxygen with bronchiolitis, chest infection and also covid messed it up a little as it wasn't the right time to go get it. Hopefully something pops up for me now everything's sorted thank god. If anyone knows of anything It would be highly appreciated if you could let me know please. Thanks atb Adam and happy new year guys
  16. I had a Patterdale that used too fit i took him too the vets multiple times. In the end He asked what disinfectant I used I told him black fluid. He said that's the cause. I changed the disinfectant and he stopped having them. It's mad because every other dog I've had has never been affected by black fluid apart from that one. Atb Adam
  17. Can you pm me please mate. Atb Adam
  18. Is this pup still available mate? Atb Adam
  19. He's a very good dog. A mate of mine owns him DB. The wolf has won numerous matches proper seasoned tried and tested dog. Big strong dog. Atb Adam
  20. I'm also on the look out for a bushing pup if anyone knows of any litters. Not neceserraly looking for a certain type aslong as it's out of 2 workers. Atb Adam
  21. Sorted with a gun now but looking for a second hand divers bottle. Atb adam
  22. Wanted .22 pcp air rifle View Advert Hi I'm looking for either an airarms s410, s510, hw100 or daystate huntsman regal. What ever pops up first at the right price I suppose. Preferably the south wales area. Cheers guys. Atb adam Advertiser Adampie8432 Date 10/04/20 Price Category Airguns  
  23. If Keith is up too it now this is a nice little pup. I'd be up for chipping in for it if a few others are too. If that's not his type of lurcher I'd still be happy too chip in for a pup that he picks out himself. Atb Adam
  24. Maybe find someone with a ferret and ask them could you have the dirty shavings when they clean it out. Put the bag in the loft open and hopefully the scent and smell of ferret will move them on. Atb Adam
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