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  1. Thanks Bob, He uses a .308, although he just stalks deer. I figured helping out with fox numbers is a good selling point for getting permission. The 6.5x55 Swede had popped up actually, would you consider this being a good middle calibre for fox and bigger deer species for someone that want just the one centre fire? I know the .243 seems and obvious choice, but I have read it can sometime be lacking on Red's. Its all very confusing when your starting out!
  2. Hello, I have a mentor who has DSC1 and 2, I also have a few hundred acres permission for fox and deer, mostly Roe and the occasional Red, I was wondering what calibre people would recommend that would cover fox, Roe (possible Fallow but need to approach that person for permission yet) and the occasional Red. .243 seems the most popular/common choice but some people seem to think it lacking on Reds. .308 the next but probably over kill for fox. The ideal solution would be to apply for a both above but with cost being limited I would rather have one rifle to cover all scenarios.
  3. I have a few geese I'm fattening up for Christmas, anyone got any suggestions on how to fatten them up with out fattening up the hens etc they are with? I was thinking mixed corn, in a bucket of water so the geese can dunk there heads to get it but the chickens wont, any fatteners pellets etc would just turn to mush, guess the corn wouldn't?
  4. I would consider a whippet grew, or grew I think most people call them, with just a little of something else in there, no more than 1/8th, just to help with feet and stamina, I was thinking saluki, but would want the possibility of the salukis common problems with training and stock breaking, I know lots of people like saluki crosses but also heard nightmare stories about them, never had anything to do with them myself, would that come through if it was just 1/8th? or maybe 1/8th deerhound or poss collie, don't want any bull, needs to be shorthaired as the Mrs is allergic to longhaired. Would
  5. Thanks Leegreen, It would probably be in the new year now, get Christmas out the way. What where her feet like?
  6. Anyone know a descent breeder who breeds a first cross whippet greyhound from good stock? Thinking for early part of next year so no rush.
  7. Top looking sire and dam mate! The pups look tip top too!
  8. yeah really good forum, very few dickheads on there, theres much more not in to whippets on there dytkos, but yeah there pretty popular on there
  9. The buggers! Have just done a quote with M&S which is who i am with, just out of interest as my current policy is up for review, had it for about 2yrs, with no claims at all, and the renewal amount they quoted me for my current policy is about £6 per month more than what i was just quoted as a fesh new policy, not taking 2yrs no claims in account, have to give them a bell, maybe threaten to leave, see if i can get it down any more
  10. Yes Im with M&S, Not the cheapest (think about £17pm) but that there top cover, I just have mine down as mixed breed dog as that sfter all is what a lurcher is, i imagine telling them she a worker will really up the price and if she injures herself chasing a rabbit, unless your a proffesional pest controller i really dont see the differance, as far as they know any accidents happend just running about the local park. Well worth checking the cover they offer, as a lot is limited on amount or how often you can claim on one injury. Is that your pup in you avatar? pure whippet is it? will cost
  11. My bitch was bought up on chicken frames, rabbit and various other meats and offal and veg, but when she got older she stopped chewing it enough, so had to stop feeding whole as just too risky, or at least chicken and rabbit. I think its def best to feed whole but there is also times and situations when you need to mince ( ) But too get a mincer up to the job cost lots! More than I can afford. Feeding whole is by far the best, just as long as they chew it up enough.
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