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  1. Some women long for diamonds, I long for one of your knives, or two, or three. They are some of the most beautiful things I have seen in my entire life. Thank you for the chance to sit in wonder and want of them. Lynn
  2. My youngest is standing behind me drooling and there's' a puddle forming on the floor.
  3. That looks amazing and I bet it tastes as good!
  4. Sweet Lord, I am green with envy
  5. I have never grown tomato plants in a pot, I wonder what you gentlemen use on the bottom for drainage if anything, and is there any advice for, and about, anything that I should know about the soil, fertilizer, etc. I also wonder what else you might recommend for growing in pots? Limited space at the moment due to some renovations. Thank you in advance, Lynn
  6. Some women can look at jewellery and clothing for hours, me, I can look at your sublime artistry for hours. Thank you for the smiles you bring to my face. Lynn
  7. Miss Lynn


    I want to purchase a pair of boots for the colder weather, I do a lot of walking, and some trekking about the hillsides and trails. I do not want "winter boots" but rather boots that would be suitable for a cold day, but would work with layers of socks rather than thick heavy boots. Several people have told me Meindl is an excellent brand, and that is great, but what kind ? Hiking ? Walking ? Do they make them that they would serve the purpose mentioned above ? Any specifics to look for in a boot for this purpose ? Thank you in advance, Lynn
  8. As long as I can smell hope on them, they are welcome.
  9. I see. Then may you be blessed in your battle against evil. I have no use for him or his kind.
  10. I am both, Wales and Canada. Born and raised in Canada, but my heart lies in Wales, always will. I prefer my times in Wales, it soothes my heart and soul. As for me being a sock puppet, I would say more of a silk stocking with the seam perfectly placed. I am also a member of an American site for 20 years now, and not a one of them declared me to be as stupid as a sock and a proposed trouble maker. I have better things to do with my intelligence, thank you very much. Lynn
  11. Don can kiss my Royal Canadian Bottom. Though him and Trudeau might make a cute couple. Neither one of them are going have wives when their terms are over.
  12. Trudeau, is gutless, useless and he bleeds lies, and that is just the frosting on the cake of him. He rode in on the coat tail of his Father, and he was priceless, not ! Lynn
  13. First off these are the Covid19 numbers and facts relevant to CANADA. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Outbreak daily update https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection.html#a1 These are the numbers and facts relevant to INFLUENZA in CANADA. FluWatch is Canada's national surveillance system that monitors the spread of the flu and other flu-like illnesses on an ongoing basis. Flu reports that contain information on flu activity in Canada are posted online every Friday. These reports have been reported weekly for as long as
  14. In honour of Sam, and roast beef, and country walks, and as always Peter....
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