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  1. markdog

    Non Ped Or Kc

    Have access to a non ped racing champion and a kc registered whippet, which would you use at stud? My bitch is kc coursing bred whippet x non ped whippet.
  2. markdog

    Old Folding 4.10 Hammer Gun

    I'll have this please can collect Saturday. Could you pm your address or email it across please?
  3. markdog

    Old Folding 4.10 Hammer Gun

    I'll pm my email could you send some more info and pics
  4. markdog

    Hare Shoots On Estates.

    Invited on a hare shoot once, never again absolute murder no sport, gun after gun lined walking across field almost impossible for hare to get away. Like a bit of shooting but give the quarry a sporting chance.
  5. markdog

    Greyhound Racing

    Hi max, we have chance of another bitch 23months old currently runs A1 at hall green. What standard is hall green compared to Sheffield? He dam is track record holder over 6bends, the breeder expects the bitch to mature and stay 6bends
  6. markdog

    Greyhound Racing

    Any of you follow greyhound racing? A few lads from work are thinking of buying a dog. We have seen a dog that runs at Sunderland A4, we would want to put it round Sheffield. Am told the dog would come on a lot at a big galloping track. Think wondered was how does Sunderland dog track compare to Sheffield ? Where would you expect an a4 dog to grade on?
  7. markdog

    Ferret Kits

    Had ferrets as a younger lad, now my son wants to start ferreting with our young whippet pup. Just wondering if anybody has any kits for sale in the East Yorkshire area?
  8. markdog

    Size Difference

    What's the biggest size difference between a dam and sire you have mated successfully? My bitch is a line bred whippet x greyhound standing 21" her pedigree has a lot of pure greyhound so I'm guessing she could throw big pups. How big a stud dog would you deem safe?
  9. markdog

    Non Ped Whippet

    My bitch is a non ped bitch x a pedigree nimrodel whippet. She's about 21" and 26lb bags of pace and surprising amount of stamina.
  10. markdog

    Non Ped Whippet

    Any of you lads keep non ped whippets? Considering using one as a stud dog
  11. markdog

    Whippet Greyhound Grew

    What height is Sam? Is he 1st cross whippet greyhound?
  12. markdog

    Whippet Greyhound Grew

    Is Dave sleights add for Sam in earth dog running dog? Can anybody post a pic of it? Wouldn't mind bit more info
  13. markdog

    Whippet Greyhound Grew

    The pups on pets4homes say the sire is Dave sleights "Sam" anybody know how Sam is bred? Is he out of non per racing lines?
  14. markdog

    I Am Lost As Regards The Pups Breeding?

    Is it not 2 separate litters desertbred? Scud x dill and scooby x pure greyhound?