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  1. Dog trace x20

    Sd card, look on eBay, type in Garmin maps sd. I got the Astro 430
  2. Dog trace x20

    Them dog trace look abit like a kids toy lol. What’s signal like on them does it drop out often in thick forestry? I have the Garmin n you just buy sod card with U.K. maps pop it in and away you go.
  3. Thing

    My dog had one of them on his cheek. Got some steroid cream from vets was gone in couple of week.
  4. Wooly saluki bull grey.

    I got 3 saluki bull greys n to be honest I wouldn’t have a lurcher without saluki/coursing blood in them. They just can’t hack the long nights n runs without it in my opinion.
  5. Wooly saluki bull grey.

    You know exactly how the dog is bred?
  6. Wooly saluki bull grey.

    Has anyone ever seen a Wooly coursing bred dog to a bull x? Saluki bull greys seem to be very popular now but yet to see any that aren’t smooth coated.
  7. Lost dog

    Hope you find him mate. Couldn’t imagine not knowing where my dog has gone. That’s why I don’t run my dogs anywhere without gps collar on.
  8. Dog running off??

    Maybe if your tight n buy a cheap one, but spend some money on a decent one n there no chance a dog can ignore it.
  9. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Smart they are, How they bred mate?
  10. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Yer they bang on, little dogs love to hunt and no what’s what now. Had a crackin season this year possibly my best. They can find in places I didn’t know stuff existed ha.
  11. Dog running off??

    Not a locator collar for going to ground a gps collar which tells you where the dog is. I have the Garmin Astro 430 cracking bit of kit
  12. Bruised legs

    Mine had same last week legs doubled in size and went black with bruising, loxicom every day and hose pipe them down with freezing water few times a day soon sorted back down to normal in few days.
  13. Dog running off??

    If he’s travelling some distance get some gps collars. I wouldn’t take a dog out without them now absolute god send and have saved my dogs skin many times.
  14. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

  15. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Beagle cocker x beagle terrier, what age do you let them hunt with the pack? I’m interested to hear how different people enter different dogs that’s all.