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  1. Reeces Billy Lines

    Great thread lads
  2. Jp's Arthur

    Bull shit
  3. Dog Pup

    Any pics lads message me 07474275257
  4. Dog Pup

    Same pearl mate yeah he nice dog
  5. Dog Pup

    Well bred dog pup for sale out of dave r bear dog to Romeos sister pearl pup 4 month old strong healthy pup. 400 ovno
  6. Jp's Arthur

    Any fooking pics then or [BANNED TEXT]
  7. The For Sale Bit

    Got 5 dogs here 16 months to 3 years never seen a rabbit working away forces sale games to hot cats died
  8. 3/4 Saluki 1/4 Grey Bitch

    was mouse any good
  9. 3/4 Saluki 1/4 Grey Bitch

    Poor coat and feet f**k me
  10. Wrecking Crew

    Just asking few questions mate makeing a few inquiries u got 1
  11. Wrecking Crew

    Wat u lads think best breed for single handed fox control is preban
  12. Wanted

    [BANNED TEXT] site