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    Air Quality - wood stoves - vehicles - farming

    Not that plant but funny enough I do run the syndicate for the lagoons

    Air Quality - wood stoves - vehicles - farming

    I work in Avonmouth flies are fookin massive but then I do work on a sewage treatment plant , its going to get worse round that area with the new incinerator due to start burning does make worrying about a few wood burning stoves a bit stupid
  3. Passed away with Liver cancer last week, watched the latest episode last night and a tribute popped up at the end.

    Thank You All........

    Its not intentionally "funny " ,its rarely "heartfelt " ,and its never ,ever "honest ". Then my lifes been fuked up for 6 months, thanks alot.....!

    Thank You All........

    Lock your door, and hide in the wardrobe, I hear ArchieHood is on his way round to dry bum you to death And I wish "AlfieCrood" all the best in his in his endeavours.

    Thank You All........

    And again.......hope not !

    Thank You All........

    Hope not !

    Thank You All........

    Very rarely post for fear of getting stalked, beat up, bummed or making a knob of my self but just wanna say thank you all, one of the funniest, heartfelt and honnest forums on the net. And congrats on keeping me entertained when fuk all else is on the tv, god, alah or whatever else floats your boat, bless,you all. TB

    Job Advertisement Racist?

    From the goverments web site totally legal it would appear !!!! You can choose a job candidate who has a protected characteristic over one who doesn’t if they’re as suitable for the job and you think that people with that characteristic: are underrepresented in the workforce, profession or industrysuffer a disadvantage connected to that characteristic (eg people from a certain ethnic group are not often given jobs in your sector) You can only do this if you’re trying to address the under-representation or disadvantage for that particular person. You must make decisions on a case by case basis and not because of a certain policy. You can’t choose a candidate who isn’t as suitable for the job just because they have a protected characteristic.
  10. Theres a video on youtube of a reporter following the story in Finland as a swimming pool manager has banned immigrants at the request of his Finish customers as they have been following the women in to the changing room, kicking in doors and robbing the vending machines. At the end of the article they interview a “woman” from the green party who claims its a racist agenda !!!!
  11. TRUEBRIT66

    Favourite Cider

    Taunton Traditional (had four pints before the game last night), Natch for tinnies and for a proper cider Rich's straight from the farm, gurt lush.
  12. TRUEBRIT66

    Council To Kill Parks Fish !!!!!

    Been tried mate, without the anglers already maintaining the lake it would have been shut ages ago unfortunately BCC have a agenda and the "friends of the park" group are antis. The clip at 20mins explains a bit more of the reason behind the decision they just hate fishing so best solution in their eyes is kill the fish, no more anglers ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9Wzfmg7fjc
  13. Bristol City Council are planning to kill all the fish in one of the local parks to "deter angling". Please take a minute to sign the petition and stop this crazy decision. Regards http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-35134740 https://www.change.org/p/bristol-city-council-stop-the-proposed-euthanasia-of-fish-in-bristol-s-st-george-s-park?recruiter=439897678&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=sms
  14. TRUEBRIT66

    My Beating Experience..........

    I did think that on my first beat with the shoot, they knew I was new but didnt take names or nothing and then just left a lot of the new beaters to it. Very unproffesional but from what Ive heard theyve struggled on the last few shoots so what goes around comes around. Any way on a good news front managed to secure a vermin control permission last week so all ended well.
  15. TRUEBRIT66

    Sad Films.

    The Kid, an emotional rollercoaster sad one minute angry as hell the next. Forest Gump and Dead poets society both good movie that leave a lump in your throat.