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  1. Sorry to hear that, the point I was making is filling in forms is the last thing you want to be doing if your ill. Out of the 10 of us who met up at xmas 6 had it and my Mum suffered the worse the rest had a day of a mild cold so effects every one differently. Hope she makes a full recovery soon
  2. Yep and they wont leave you alone for days after constant texts, try doing it online its a little easier. I did say to my wife for a killer virus thats meant to knock you side ways or potentially kill you no sooner have you tested positive they expect you to fill in a load of forms. When I had the "proper" flu 4 years ago I couldn't get out of bed let alone fill in a online questionnaire or speak to a stranger on the phone for 30mins.
  3. Nail on head....and there is the problem for every person who a government policy negatively effects there are a greater number that it doesn't and when it doesn't effect you the vast majority don't care about it. We are selfish, self centred animals and as much as it pains me I count myself in that statement as well.
  4. Keep it up mate its one of the reasons I come on this forum the range of opinions and the ability to discus them and more importantly actually being allowed to discuss them! I suspect every single post I have read on here has subconsciously changed my views or made them stronger its our human nature. There is definitely a change in people in general, moderate thinking folk are now looking at the bigger picture. Another year from now and we are going to see some changes in this country thats for sure but only time will tell if they are going to be for the better.
  5. Spot on, the problem is people no longer want to think for there selves its far to easy to sit back and let others do the thinking for them. Mind you there are also people who over think and they can be just as dangerous.
  6. We have a choice to think differently I agree, but if you believe you, me and everyone else are not influenced by the media then I disagree.
  7. I was only looking at that and thinking I was pushing my 1 year old grandson around Morrisons on Saturday imagine them coming around the corner wheels at push chair height.....shocking! They didn't give a thought for the older woman who tried to restrain one of them and were yanking her about like a rag doll. Respect has gone in this country from top to bottom f***ing depressing.
  8. Its all media led, its amazing frightening how they control what we think and how we perceive things now.
  9. It was on the news just before Christmas 1500 off with covid/self isolating 4234 off with other illnesses! Always been the same in the NHS Ive mentioned before when I worked for them the shifts were worked out around the sickness months in advance. Im not saying all staff were the same but the vast majority used sick pay as a benefit and it was accepted as such by higher management.
  10. No agree thats great and different from old school teaching but it might not be a better way just a different way. If the stats are saying the system is failing it must be at some level. Agree with the academic side as well I'm a great believer in channelling children if Tommy isnt going to excel in Geography but shows a ability in motor mechanics dont thrash away at him teach him what hes going to be good at. Glad things are going well for yours but I still wouldnt want any of the colston 4 near mine whether they called them mate or took them up a mountain on their day off or no
  11. Its not a majority Wilf a small minority and the "community changes" you all of all people should be aware of that, once that changes so do the way our children are taught. I moved my lads when they couldn't understand the Indian maths teacher, it wasn't they struggled with the work they couldn't understand her strong Indian accent. She was a lovely lady caring and understanding but because of mine and several other parents concerns rather than it being dealt with we were covertly accused of racism. Were going around in circles anyway mate so I will leave it there.
  12. Not sure if any of the "Colston 4" actually will become or actually want to be teachers but this is the latest from one of them, as well as a millionaire Daddy her step brother is Rag n bone man (The musician not a actual rag n bone man): Rhian describes herself as a trained "aerial hoop artist" who loves "anything circus, festivals and creating temporary spaces for people to experience". She holds a degree in Arts and Event Management from Arts University Bournemouth and has spoken about wanting to "engage more with the world".
  13. Better or different its 2 separate things ? I get it I do, but your comment about "Teachers put thereselves out to do outdoor pursuits, surfing, climbing, mountain biking, they do DOE awards, ten tors, as well as all the sports etc..." makes me shudder. Its so much easier taking little Tommy out for the day than sit him down and actually teach him stuff. I think I read 20% of children cant read and write when they leave primary school and it was something like a 18% increase in lower achievement in grades between 2015 and 2019, those stats don't make for good reading. My point
  14. Fair enough, but if communities changes then so will teaching and that will mean teaching the things that some may not find palatable, you cant argue against one and then condone the other. For what its worth I wanted my kids to be taught by English speaking well educated teachers with a teacher, pupil relationship. Not a bunch of dim-witted, left wing, Jafaican talking snowflakes who just want to be their friends because that would improve the community ethic
  15. That post surprises me its almost like your condoning what you appear to despise ?
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