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  1. Its looking like English clubs will be getting a few more homegrown talent coming up through the ranks. Brexit now means clubs cannot sign anyone under the age of 17 from the EU. Reports on the news have already said a lot of youth teams have seen a upsurge in interest in local talent from EFL clubs.
  2. Vile man now managing a even more vile football club
  3. Gives me goosebumps every time I watch that scene, apparently he adlibbed a lot of it.
  4. Im a little further down from Brean on the Bristol channel coast but originally from Bristol. Went to Ilfracombe last year and it looked run down a lot was shut because of covid and the weather was shite so that never helps. Woolacombe and Westward Ho both have a cracking beach and if your down that way the fishing villages like Clovelly are fantastic, lynton, lynmouth and Coombe Martin on the way are beautiful too but be warned though they are very very hilly if you walk it. The cliff railway at Lynton and Lynmouth are a experience and you can always get the land rover to take you up and down
  5. Fair play, when I visit family in St Austell in Cornwall they cant get over how I love the place so I get it. Good job you didnt stay in the Pontins, they had a local news special on it last year after the roof dropped on top a load people playing bingo and they found more bacteria around the sinks than in a covid petri dish.
  6. Funny how places look amazing when the suns out..........Breans 20mins from me and I think its a shithole. If the tide stayed in for more than 10mins and the water was blue instead of chocolate brown it would be a bit better. Watch out for the brummies they are every where (cant miss them they all wear football tops) and please dont try walking out too paddle another report on the local news of some pillock being dragged out of the mud by the RNLI will send me over the top
  7. Never............I would have never guessed that when I met you
  8. The skill shortage is only going to get worse and needs to be sorted at secondary education level. Its pretty clear what children are not academically minded from a early age so start looking at the individuals and channel their interest in a skill set. Bring back brick laying, plastering, mechanical engineering, welding, sewing etc, there is no point persisting with algebra with little Johnny if he struggles or shows no interest, all it does is chips away at a childs confidence and self ability. Of course It will never happen, the teachers and the current curriculum is more interested in
  9. Large goods vehicle, but you are right it can also mean light goods vehicle, its hard work keeping up mate I still call it VOSA instead of the DVSA
  10. Potential earning I suspect and probably ADR but yes rumour has it the shortage is so severe ASDA are paying upwards of £25 p/h and the usual prepare yourself for food shortages has started. Agree, average age of a UK LGV driver is 53 apparently.
  11. Had a advert out for LGV vacuum tanker drivers for almost a month now Mon-Fri 7-4 £15ph flat, over time paid at 1.5 and x2 and only had 5 applicants, one didn't even have a LGV licence! Contacted 4 only 2 responded, only 1 out of the 2 turned up for the interview and didn't want the job. Certain sectors are struggling to recruit at the moment and cant see that changing for a while, 18 months of free money for a lot of people and they cant be arsed to get back in the market. For the grafters its great can name their price, one transport company in Bristol has increased drivers pay by 25% just t
  12. Moved further down south recently the canal is a 5min walk so after years of barrowing around a ton of carp gear around packed lakes started fishing light. Drop shotting for perch and pre baiting likely areas for the nomadic carp and just enjoying being out and about. First proper go on one of the baited spots Sunday for a hour, one rod, rucksack and no fancy bite alarms and hooked this 4lb tench 3mins after casting, lost another fish (carp) 10mins after that. Loving my fishing again and love the area nature reserve across the road, view of the Quantocks from my living room, canal and riv
  13. I remember, had a Russian chap working for them called Dropabottleofpopov
  14. The two books to ever leave me thinking wow! The Dig, Cynan Jones & The Kid, Kevin Lewis. Into the wild, John Krakauer and then two controversial and different ones, Sex drugs and football thugs, Mark Chester and a interesting read Enemy of the state, Tommy Robinson.
  15. 'Savage' otter given pride of place in manor grounds despite killing prized swan (telegraph.co.uk) Hope your well P ? There was a Swan at Combwhich ponds the locals named "cyanide" because he was deadly and would attack anything that got close. A otter is now a resident of the ponds and "cyanide" is conspicuous in his absence
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