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  1. Thanks Wilf "Piccaninnies" another word I never knew existed but I can add to my growing vocabulary since I graced this forum. Got the family coming around Sunday going to throw it into the conversation just to see if anyone knows what it means and it will also make me look well clever
  2. Mellor was on the news this morning saying as the Lib Dems came 3rd last election in T&H they gained something along the lines of a 40 odd thousand more majority! Also said they were the only party that actively worked door to door speaking to people, the others have got so tied up in their own arrogant worlds they just thought they would stroll it or knew they were fcuked so just gave up trying.
  3. Both Labour and Lim Dem winning candidates are calling for Boris to resign.............Now surely they won because Boris was in power and the people have such little faith in him? If that were the case I would be saying thanks Boris stay in power and one of our parties will be running this country very soon, not resign and put a "better" leader in that may turn it around and keep us as the opposition!!!! Christ they are all thick (no need to answer that).
  4. I'm giving it a miss, its not factually correct, bloke at the front got a fag in his mouth you couldnt buy 20 Benson and hedges in 570AD!
  5. Probably bottom in the table of human rights as well, strange a left leaning poster like sandymere would even want to post that as a argument. I can see it now China top 3 in projected growth also top in Harassment of activists and dissidents. Persecution of people for religious beliefs. Discrimination against ethnic minorities. The death penalty where there are more executions in China than the rest of the world combined etc. Banging argument that..........................
  6. Cant wait to watch it trailer looks like a mix of The Mummy and Game of thrones............wicked
  7. Interesting point and I suppose its all relative. There's a very close relation of mine and his wife who both get PIP, a brand new car every 3 years (they even pay for upgrades on the motor) he got food parcels delivered when the lockdown was on and gets food vouchers. He will get the £600 fuel thing, don't pay any council tax gets help with the rent on his 3 bed house (just him and his wife) and are both claiming enough to be able to have two holidays a year in fact he's said he's better off now than he ever been, 53 not worked for 10years and has no intention of ever going back to work
  8. No you would pay the same tax rate unless you go above the higher threshold, which kind of defeats Wilfs argument because they must be on a shit hot wage so should really pay extra or the rich getting richer argument kicks in, or does that only count for certain parts of our society? We have a couple here that wont work because they say o/t only gives them x amount per hour what they dont work out is they are earning less than that on their basic hourly rate they dont see beyond the standard weeks pay. In simplistic terms say they take home £10 a hr/40hrs £400 they then work 2 hours at £1
  9. Different councils have different rules sedgemoor are giving DD customers it off each month and have still not "worked out" how monthly card customers will get theirs yet. Bristol monthly cards customers had to apply for it.
  10. See I agree with some of what you say but really what sort of tax rate means you only earn £20 a day ? And even if that was the case I would rather earn £20 and feed my family than go to a food bank, but that's just me. I don't think I said users of foodbanks use them for the "kudos" either but I do believe that for many its a easier option than "cutting back" and has become the acceptable norm, I would rather cancel my netflix that use a food bank but again that's just me. I enjoy your posts but do get confused at them at times, you bang the drum for the old times, patriotism and t
  11. I saw a story relating to this on the news about the foodbank issue and the cost of living crisis last night and how we were all doomed which was closely followed by a report that holiday bookings had increased by a 140% and airports were struggling because of the surge and they couldn't employ staff to do the work! Surely if you struggle financially the first thing you would do is find a job (if you dont have one) reports show a record high of 1.1million vacancies or take on a extra part time job, closely followed by dropping the annual holiday until you got straight? I know eve
  12. Oh yes them chaps in the jungle that can build a mansion out of the mud and bamboo are worth a watch
  13. Field Sports Britain The Fish Locker (He used to post on this forum) The Shooting Show TA Outdoors Haze Outdoors Anything carp fishing related (but it all gets a bit samey) I find myself hardly watching any terrestrial TV now and any time spent watching the box its youtube
  14. I did say when Im dead every time he has a shave and sees the scar hes going to remember me, so you aint wrong.
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