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  1. How long can I leave my ferrets for?

    Am not sure but I think it's law that you have to check any animal at least every 24 hours, I would never leve mine even for 24 hours what if they knock a drinker off or something?
  2. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    Pleased you got sorted out with some jills , I am looking for a smallish hob to put back to my jills in spring I don't mean micro just small , I also have a nice strong hob ( large) that works very well if any one needs a stud , I'd like a jill back off him
  3. Litter of pups

    Nice pups them , credit to you
  4. Our gsd 4 months old now . Started barking when people walk past house
  5. Few Bits for dinner yesterday very pleased with my leaks and parsnips this year
  6. What are you feeding yours?

    Mine get rabbits pigeons chicken game goat yogurt and some ferret biscuits , always look ok ,
  7. A little trip to york

    Pm sent
  8. A little trip to york

    Nice vid and nice dogs we're abouts nr york was you ? Am not far from york be good to get out with whippets some time
  9. Best looking car

    I know I could cry about selling it ,,,,,, One day I will buy me self another one ha
  10. Best looking car

    Just like this one
  11. Best looking car

    Not a car but I loved my Honda sp1 w reg in red , I wish I never sold it
  12. I have a very old Howard bantam with a new Honda engine it was my granddads then my dads and now mine ( I put the Honda on ) and last year I bought a american brigs and strattn yard marster it was coverd in dust but had only been used a few times it's a good tool but not as well made as the bantam
  13. It's an immense American thing. 3 forward gears and a reverse? Kills you .jok.

  14. Ha I dug it all buy hand last year, what rotavator you got jok ? Am posh and have 2
  15. Ha ha why dig when I have a rotavator