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  1. Pigeon treatments

    I have used ivermectin and it works well , but the 4 in 1 is ment to cover coxi and canker as well
  2. Pigeon treatments

    Any one used the Harkers 4 in 1 is it any good ? Thanks
  3. Fur and feather

    Better pic
  4. Books (hunting & fishing)

  5. Fur and feather

    Ps I clean um out on a Thursday night that’s why they look mucky
  6. Fur and feather

  7. Fur and feather

    So the hen now has a blue bit ! So I think I have 2 cocks ha , any one in Yorkshire who has a spare hen or wants a cock let me know
  8. Goldcrest

    Top pics , when I was 8-9 a gold crest hit the kitchen window me and my mate run out to find it knocked out Richard my mate run back in side and got his dad’s motorbike gloves to pick it up ha was tiny any how after 5 minuets it come around and flew off , we still Laff about it today I will see if I can find the pic of a tiny bird on a bike glove
  9. Ducks and Mud

    I had 1.5 tons of building sand left over from a job it dryed it up grate and let's it drain
  10. Get your self this book
  11. And had them in a lean to and creosote them ones a year
  12. I did eat a lot of them better eating then wild rabbit as it's young and more tender, yer I have some pics as I still use hutches now for ferrets , you can see um in the background, I kept um on shavings then a day or 2 before they kit put a bit of straw in for um
  13. And I fed a rabbit pellet witch is £7 for 15kg ready grass £12 a bale and roled oats £5 for 25 kg loads of scraps from Alotment and garden, ( them prices are today's prices my daughter has a pair of rex rabbis )
  14. I used to breed them about 12 years ago had new Zealands and Californians and some hybrids from a guy up the road, was good fun I sold loads as giant house bunnies ( was the trend at the time ) I could get £4 from butcher or £30 as house rabbits, the bloke still breeds them and would sell you a trio am sure he sells them to a dealer that I think sends them to France , i had a bank of 8 hutches 2ft deep 4ft wide if I was going to do it again I'd use wire bottoms
  15. Wire mesh

    Thank you much appreciated