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  1. bolting to the dogs.

    I’ve watched that before but still enjoyed seeing it again..a lot of effort putting something like that together 👍🏻
  2. bolting to the dogs.

    Get yourself on YouTube mate some good videos if you follow decent lads
  3. bolting to the dogs.

    Good little vids mate
  4. Quick mooch

  5. Quick mooch

    Early finish at work today so decided to have a quick look out with lurcher and young hob we have..I left the house at 12.15 and had a couple hours before I needed to be back for school run. id walked this land the day before and my collie x had marked a few warrens up so it was there I headed.. Gwen gave a solid mark and I proceeded to net up .. as I put the 2nd net on this 8 holer a rabbit bolted..the dog was still interested so I carried on.. put the hob in and first out was a rat good catch by the lurcher who still hasn’t mastered the kill and gets bitten every time lol put the hob back in and wasn’t long before one then two rabbits in the net.. Gwen is still marking up but I decided to quit while I’m ahead and maybe a trip back at weekend with a bit more back up to tackle a few rats.. cheers sesku
  6. Losing a worker

    I’ll be getting a probe , the dig was clay mate couldn’t shift owt by hand.. not an excuse I should have been more careful in hindsight I wish I’d just left the rabbit for another day it was getting dark and we was nearly back at the motor..
  7. Losing a worker

    I think so .. flacko has kindly offered us a young Jill just need to arrange pick up hopefully..👍🏻
  8. Losing a worker

    Just had a quick mooch with the lad nice to get him back out after last weekends disaster.. lurcher marked a little 5 holer, just a mound of rubble and soil.. heard a little thump below as we netted up. Entered the big smelly hob and after a minute or 2 we had a rabbit pursed nicely in the net.. off to walk some different land this afternoon see if we can manage a few hours out tomorrow.. atb sesku
  9. Rabbit Curry

    Good pics .. looks like an enjoyable day had by all ..atb sesku
  10. Losing a worker

    Near pontefract mate
  11. Losing a worker

  12. Losing a worker

    That pretty much sums up my situation mate.. was going to breed her and keep a couple Jill’s back for ourselves.. ah well I’ll just keep looking .. a lad on here messaged me with an offer of a Jill but it’s a 6-7 hour round trip
  13. Losing a worker

    Couldn’t imagine feeling any worse than I do..
  14. Losing a worker

    She was dead when we broke through lads... tragic accident with shovel
  15. Losing a worker

    Bad day all round yesterday.. ferreting some new ground and everything that could go wrong did.. missed a bolt hole on 1st Warren and it cost us 2 rabbits.. the same story at the next couple we went to, and we was heading back to the motor with just a few rabbits when on another day we’d have been in double figures.. as if things couldn’t get any worse the lurcher ran one to ground on our way back and the resulting dig ended in us losing our best Jill ... absolutely gutted me and my son who’s really took to the ferreting this winter and the loss has hit him hard... if anyone has a Jill not getting out much or surplus drop me a pm please good working home here thanks sesku