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  1. ziggy

    Foxes hit hard??

    Couple keepers near me drive eny were they want with the thermal gear they must do 40 mile a night some nights an shoot foxes out of ther land rover they don't even have permission on the half the spots they shoot an they brag they shot 14 in a night ... they shoot them off main roads aswell...c**ts they are
  2. ziggy

    JBluck dirt

    I am with you on that foxdropper ..never needed to use one...saw couple of lads use them in Wales ..they drop a hole in to the tube then listento the dog.. couldn't see why they did it but each to ther own...I got shown locate the dog give him time to settle then dig down ..
  3. ziggy

    line breeding?

    Nice pup dilly...carnt let mine of with sheep like that lol.. pups or adults
  4. ziggy

    line breeding?

    Defo worth the risk dc I lined my bitch at 9 years old she came with 3 one died .. i kept the dog and my pal kept the bitch both are flying an working well... Gonna line the old dog again this time. She be coming up 12 this time an in .still dig to her regularly... end of last season dug 19ft to her she never move an inch an to say ther was a couple of dogs treyed before her to which they couldn't find and stay .. ill miss her when she s gone
  5. ziggy

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Fireman my mates dog has gone the same way.... does your dogs eyes flair up once worked...
  6. ziggy

    Mutts nuts worry

    Bet every time dog lies on his back you carnt take ya eyes of his pink balls hahahha
  7. ziggy

    Mutts nuts worry

    Hahah bet ya been propper feeling them to hahah
  8. You never had a terrier neil with its head down end of the day head swollen looking sorryfull..
  9. As from a early say 15 I went with 2 old fellas the crack an banter was unreal ... when we got to an earth ther was no rush .. locator was put on the dog an in it would go..then the flask and butties would come out ..is be cheaking with the box looking for the dog an they be laffing at saying leave the dog to settle.. some times they give the dog an hour to settle before digging...they were never in a rush..when I watched them dig it was steady away but they got down in no time as the shovels were massive the thickness off the shovels shafts was like scaffold tubes... god they were heavy with a heap of soil on them ... but what I learnt the most of the two older fellas was the care they gave the dogs at the end of a dig...as the dog was lifted from the dig and every thing backfilled.. they would clean the dog up an give the dog exactly what the dog need in pain killers ..antiinflamatrys or antibiotic s ... they would make sure the dog had a good drink of water ..all of this would be done on every dig before we got to the next place or before we went home.... they took a lot of pride in ther dogs... seeing what they did for the dogs that day rubed off on me an till this day I do the same as the old boys did with ther dogs with the cleaning of dogs after ever time they are to ground ...
  10. ziggy

    high strung pup

    What a statement .... so when your terrier runs off on sent .. how do You find them .... As they can run off an drop in earths you don't even no ther there ... you could spend the day f***ing about trying to find the dog
  11. ziggy


    Does it really matter that the man's sold a few pups... don't get it me it seems a lot of it is jealousy on here... if this was a shooting dog thread an his dogs were for top field trail labs or cockers the pups would go for grand or two ...but folk seem happy that they spend so much money on a dog ...an most praise the man who they got it off..
  12. ziggy


    Again folk bringing names into things for no reason..why ..what was the point bringing a man's name up an call his dogs... fecking madness...
  13. ziggy


    Dont understand why folk winge an moan about folk on these sites.... just do your own thing ... an old terrier man once said to me as i was a kid believe half of what you see and believe nothing of what your here...
  14. ziggy

    fox trap for sale ..


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    used but like new


  15. fox trap for sale .. View Advert used but like new Advertiser ziggy Date 27/11/17 Price £80.00 Category Kennels & Equipment