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    A few pics of vouge and Kaffa .
  2. Black & Tan

    Yeah the prices are ridiculous and these show people f***ing them up. Loads are peddling them now and I'd nearly guarantee they don't work them. I paid £150 for this dog off a mate who works them at 2yr old and he'd seen nothing so i was more than happy to pay him that gesture. Hes done good so far let's hope he continues.
  3. Black & Tan

    Couple of pic's of the lakey dog. Did well last year hope it continues. Good finder and earns he's keep. Atb
  4. Few Pics Of The Girls

    There only 1/4 dam was half sire collie lurcher. Cheers
  5. Few Pics Of The Girls

    Cheers lads
  6. Pups

    Few youngsters 10 months old.
  7. Couple of pics of the young bitches.
  8. Prospects

    Cracking stamp JCB and ceaser
  9. Prospects

    Cheers lads
  10. Minshaw Pups

    Lost my howler dog last year broke he's neck he was my best dog to date and loved teeth. Absolutely gutted me at the time nearly packed job in didn't feel Like going out and I'd only lost he's howlers father couple of seasons previous lucky I lined howler to my first x bitch lass few weeks before he got killed. I kept back 2 bitches and these now are 16 months and flying. Both have there sires temp and attitude so hoping they continue to shine.
  11. Prospects

    Another of lakey dog.
  12. Prospects

    And my fell pups
  13. Prospects

    Lakey dog coming on well.
  14. Boots & Fenn

    Good luck with puos mate. Looking well. Atb Keith
  15. Collie Lurcher-Pics

    Nice hound yeti. Looked a well put together animal. Atb keith