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  1. Razor Pics ?

    Bend over I have a couple of pics of him from early summer I will get my pal to put them up James these dogs will be capable of doing what you want them to as good as any other cross .on certain game better than any other cross.it's down to you to show them the way.eg.get them out plenty and show them plenty of what you want it to run. As for recall razor is spot on.all my dogs are.but and a big but.lol.most not all but most heavily saluki bred dogs go through what I call a deaf period and can be a nightmare and by fook can they whinge. But believe me it will all be worth it in the end because this coursing bred stuff will put things in the bag what you wouldn't think was possible .but it's all up to the man who owns the dog show it plenty get it out plenty. And plenty of patience early on.and you will 9 times out of 10 get something what will surprise you if you haven't had this cross before.
  2. Razor Pics ?

    Get a few recent pictures up mate.they must be getting about now.
  3. Razor Pics ?

    This is the last bitch to be sired by razor. And it's the.most even litter I think he has sired and by the looks of things his genes are really strong in this litter.the strongest yet if you go by the looks of them pups.I hope some.good lads get these..because he's certainly left his mark.very excited about this litter.
  4. Best Dog For Hare On Small Fields

    I bet they were saluki bull not whippet bull.
  5. Best Dog For Hare On Small Fields

    Always liked the look of that big dog, where've you been anyway freeze dried, or doing hard time ?I've been about .lol.just having a break from the zoo.
  6. Best Dog For Hare On Small Fields

    I had a big numb blue dog that would wop hares in small fields.I'm reading this and Size is mentioned quite a lot. f**k the size.it either can or can't. And I mean regular not just the odd one.and over 6 seasons. Get something bred right and out off something that's been doing it.then you have half a chance.and stay away from whippets they can't even stop the draft under your door.
  7. Future Litters

    I heard she bred by top dog man in country also mmm.lol
  8. Future Litters

    I heard razor has just sired a bitch a couple of weeks back
  9. Razor Pics ?

    Cheers lads.that pic with the gyr x saker stands out that was hard day for razor His feet were black and blue.if my memory serves me correctly there's a fourth hare missing not that it matters.lol But we watched the last run for around three mins and lost sight of him as we were looking for him there was an old chap walking a dog.he said are you looking for A grey dog .he said it's about 1/4 of a mile down the track by the hedge Stood over a large rabbit.never did find it because as I was walking down razor Was walking up to meet me.ran fantastic that day..
  10. Razor Pics ?

    Cheers lads pictures saved.
  11. Razor Pics ?

    Cheers chaps how the fook you are finding The pics I don't know .I've gone in search And can't find jack.lol There's one with some hares on a car bonnet And one with a gyr x saker sat next to the hares.which I'm scouting for. Lol
  12. Razor Pics ?

    It was a litter of 14.one died at birth leaving 13..robbie dud his best to find good homes for them.but as we all know. That is the hardest bit of it all .some never got test or ended up in the wrong hands.ect ect.so there possibly was more quality in the litter but we will never know .is there some pi forgot my password on there?on mooch rs does anybody know?
  13. Razor Pics ?

    I remember that pic like it was yesterday.almost 9 year's ago.razor right at the front.belle behind him rosie to the left with pip resting on her the other blue dog went to a keeper up country white bitch was flower which robbie kept back with along side a small black n white bitch called young dancer .razor head was half as big again as the other pups.but what a big winging fooker he was.lol.very good litter .with some top class runners among them.rosie pip belle razor flower the white pup .all off those I so run.some more then others but they all could scare a hare or two.flower died young of the big c.but pip bell razor roise are still as far as I'm aware still bout today..nit often do you get so many good runners out of one litter.but it was the lads behind them what helped achieve this as well as good breeding.keep looking for these pics lads it's much appreciated.
  14. Razor Pics ?

    Cheers lads tom .D'Arcy roy ect. Razor kidneys are knackered. He keeps dropping weight and losing condition.then I get him right again. Then he goes backwards again.he isn't suffering because if he was I would do the right thing.but I don't know how long he has.I've had a lot of very memorable days with him .and I was looking back through some pics of him and noticed I have lost loads of him .so these pics are all good cheers
  15. Razor Pics ?

    Cheers roy.there's one somewhere With a gyr x saker falcon.I can't find it anywhere