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  1. Anyone Worked These

    Morton what was they like then what was strong points and weak
  2. Anyone Worked These

    Saluki greyhound collie deerhound mix anyone seen or worked a mix like this any info be great
  3. What Age

    At what age do you say enough is enough with a dog in terms of knowing there not guna make the grade or not what your after also what kinda things are deal breakers for you in terms off things it may do or not do which makes you say no more
  4. New Lamp

    Is that the best one you got will it connect to my lithium battery or what's the crack just after the best one
  5. New Lamp

    What's the best lamp for distance I've got a tracer 210 variable and I think it's pants looking for something else any ideas
  6. Best Fallow Dog

    Obviously talking when it was aloud what's the best fallow taking dog you've seen single handed any info on xs height how they ran just any stories on what you've seen
  7. Lurcher Puppies

    Woulda took one of these krawden if that other pup didn't pop up
  8. Muntjac For Sale?

  9. Muntjac For Sale?

    We got loads round ere my pups 11 months and already retrieved 5 for em
  10. Saluki Greyhound X Deerhound Greyhound

    Were you get it from ?? Imagine there do well in a lot sounds a good allrounder I've got a deer grey collie grey pup myself
  11. Heating Kennel Lurcher

    What do you lot use to heat your kennels with in these colder months was looking at a heat may or heat lamp but want the cheapest to run obviously with quality what do you use ??!
  12. Shit Me Up

    Jigsaw bet it gave you a right buzz though knowing you could get caught that's what I love the unknown unlucky for you though you royalty f****d up lol
  13. Shit Me Up

    have any of you lot had anything ever give you a scare on night out talking anything quarry a noice anything ?? Had one other day slipped dog on a rabbit but during the run he spooked a fallow the thing came running straight at me I'm talking dead at me I thought that was it I moved and thankfully it didn't and ran just passed me and straight into a big bush and bounced straight back of it lol but just gave me a fright if it woulda hit me I'd of been f****d middle of nowhere left phone in car . Another one I remember was walking through a spindle at night tryna push anything out other side and a muntjac barked the thing must been 10 yards from me shit me right up
  14. Permission

    Sorry to the boys who I met got back to but krawden beat everyone to it sorry again boys
  15. Permission

    Hello I was recently working in a house and they told they got a big rabbit problem and so has there neighbours quite a few of em actually they need ferreting as no good for the dog but by the sounds of things it could open up quite a it of permission in the surrounding area so was just wondering if anyone is around the Oxford Witney area or willing to come down and ferret em out and any permission on the lambing side I'd be more then willing to share if anyone's interested let me know